FinTech Magazine: Reviewing a year of events in 2023

We look back at a year of events that FinTech Magazine has either attended or hosted, driving digital connections in our ever-evolving industry

FinTech Magazine looks back on 2023 with a roundup of the biggest events of the year. 

In a time of transformation and technological advancements, it has never been more important for financial institutions to connect with digital enablers. 

Conferences, both in-person and digital, drive connections across the fintech industry, conceiving digital ecosystems along the way. Below, we look at our top five events of the year. 

Innovate Finance Global Summitt 2023

The Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) 2023 took place in the heart of London city, at the Guildhall in April 2023. 

Connecting leaders in the fintech space, we spoke to Airwallex’s Pranav Sood about the future of embedded finance. At the time, he told us: “Regulation is a big aspect of how embedded finance is evolving. For us, complying with the various regulations around the world is crucial. 

“While I don't think we'll see any noticeable tightening in the near term, we are also seeing increasing interest from lots of different stakeholders in the way that the market works, and we are here to be a resource to them and work with them.” 

We also spoke to the likes of SCube, Currencycloud, ecolytiq and ClearBank. You can look back on these conversations in the corresponding links. 

Money20/20 Europe 2023

Money20/20 Europe landed in June 2023 at Amsterdam’s RAI arena. The world’s biggest fintech event organiser, Money20/20 Europe truly saw the world of fintech come together under one roof. 

At the show, we spoke to PayPal’s Senior Director of Enterprise Customer Success for Europe and Australia, Rik Goslinga, about the biggest payments trends seen in 2023. 

He says: “The first trend is buy online, pick up in-store, or buy online and have something delivered to your home, which is something we’ve all seen and all do.

“But I think the next trend that will stick is mobile payments in-store. So, for the consumer, the experience of paying by mobile is an in-store experience, but for us, it’s an online transaction because the transaction is happening on a customer's mobile.”

We spoke to countless other fintechs, incumbents and advisories at Money20/20 Europe this year, the likes of Starling Bank, Mambu, FABRICK and Convera all included. You can look back on these conversations in the corresponding links. 

FinTech LIVE New York

Our first event of the year came to audiences digitally: FinTech LIVE New York. Hosted over two stages on one day of virtual networking, we spoke to Odelia Torteman, Global Digital Finance, IFC at World Bank Group, Rupert Poland, Vice President - UK Financial Institutions, Digital Asset Lead, Marsh; and Pradeep Singh, Head of Fintech and DeFi, Capgemini about the future of decentralised finance and CBDCs

At the time, Torteman told us: “CBDCs emerged as a result of three main trends. First, the uptick in digitalisation across financial services; second, a lot of monetary authorities are trying to address some of the challenges we currently have; third, many of the challenges we’re seeing are related to private, DeFi currencies and stablecoins.

“This is driving the need for centralised currencies; CBDCs.”

Countless other fintech leading companies spoke to us at the show, the likes of Mastercard, Fiserv, and AWS all included. You can look back on these conversations in the corresponding links. 

Money20/20 USA

October saw us in attendance at Money20/20 USA, held at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. This event saw the world of fintech gather together again, and FinTech Magazine caught up with some leading figures in the industry. 

One such leader was Malcolm deMayo, Global VP for the Financial Services Industry at NVIDIA, who spoke to us about the role Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are playing in pioneering a new technological revolution for financial services providers

He says: “At NVIDIA we’ve created an ensemble of AI to help the payments firms very accurately predict based on the information they see in any transaction.

“Financial services customers can now see if a transaction is good or fraudulent. As such, we believe our platform is helping firms to take full advantage of Generative AI.” 

Money20/20 USA also saw us catch up with the likes of Google Cloud, Mastercard and Worldpay from FIS. You can look back on these conversations in the corresponding links. 

FinTech LIVE London

Our biggest event of the year was FinTech LIVE London. Held in the QEII Centre in Westminster, London, the show brought together leading figures in our industry. 

Headlining the show were Saphyre Co-founders Gabino Roche, Jr and Stephen Roche, who shared the benefits of the company’s Project Zero initiative to streamline and speed up the process of transferring shares following a transaction

Gabino told us: "We've been telling firms, 'you should be working in a real-time environment; not just in your internal operations, but with every one of your counterparties or clients'.

"Firms working with us  are seeing competitive advantages against their peers. But now, given the regulatory demand and this six-month clock [until T-1], they can't just merely throw labour at it. Technology innovation is needed."

Of course, FinTech LIVE London was packed with numerous keynote speakers, fireside chats and panels – with financial institutions, tech companies and others joining us in November 2023. 

These included Vodafone, EPAM, Oracle, NatWest Group and many more. You can look back on these conversations in the corresponding links. 

2023 was definitely an event-filled year. With 2024 now on the horizon, we ask what lies in store for a bigger, better year of conferences in the world of fintech. We can’t wait to find out.


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Please also take a look at the playlist for our latest hybrid event, FinTech LIVE London, to learn all about the latest trends in fintech. 


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