Exclusive video: Vodafone on crypto & banking convergence

Blockchain Lead for Vodafone Business IoT, David Palmer, discusses how banks are starting to move in on the best innovations from the crypto sector

Held at the QEII Centre in the heart of Westminster, London, our annual two-day conference FinTech LIVE London was a disruptive learning and networking event showcasing the industry’s leading figures across innovation, thought leadership and strategy. 

David Palmer, Blockchain Lead for Vodafone Business IoT

With sessions running over two stages, David Palmer, Blockchain Lead for Vodafone Business IoT joined us on Stage 2 to discuss how banks are starting to see the value of the blockchain technology employed in the cryptocurrency industry. 

This comes after, as Palmer puts it, “a very brave, very bullish, very creative cryptocurrency sector showed us how you can do banking with smart contracts.”

He continues: “What we are seeing today is a convergence where the big banks and finance companies are starting to move in.

“Now that the crypto market is stabilising after volatility across 2021-2022, I think what blockchain has shown us is that it can help us to reimagine currency, it can help us to reimagine stores of value, and help us to reimagine digital ownership. 

“One of the greatest things of 2021 was decentralised finance (DeFi), and how you can do banking with smart contracts, DAOs, and with digital autonomous organisations. 

“Smart contracts themselves, which I believe blockchain can really link to through the tokenisation of real-world assets, is something I think is also starting to get a lot more attention.”

For more from Palmer, you can click on the video link to his keynote speech above. 

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