Year in review 2023: FinTech Magazine cover stories

FinTech Magazine reflects on its cover stories from the past 12 months, featuring executives from Saphyre, Volt, Fujitsu and J.P. Morgan Payments
The January 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

January – Spearheading transformation

Magazine: January 2023
Starting page: 50 
Featuring: Wojciech Łącz

Spearheaded by Group CIO Wojciech Łącz, an ambitious digital transformation recently took place at AccorInvest – and the entire company was on board. 

In January, Łącz explained to FinTech Magazine why the entire workforce needs to be 100% engaged for the company to reach its ESG goals and deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience.

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The February 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

February – NFTs: Are they the future of crypto? 

Magazine: February 2023
Starting page: 74
Featuring: Various

At one stage in 2022, it seemed impossible to escape all the talk surrounding NFTs.

However, the global economic downturn had a sharp impact on the NFT market and, in recent months, analysis found the vast majority of NFTs are now practically worthless. 

Shows how quickly things can change…

In February’s edition of FinTech Magazine, we spoke to a range of experts about the future of NFTs and how they might be utilised in years to come. 

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The March 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

March – The roadmap to IPO

Magazine: March 2023
Starting page: 30
Featuring: Kevin Swan and Sam Adams

The route to an IPO has often been seen as a key milestone in a company’s development in the global marketplace. 

But in recent years – helped along by some regulatory changes and market factors – many companies are choosing to delay their route to the public markets and instead work on accessing capital through venture capital and growth equity investors to maintain their private company status. 

Leading executives from Morgan Stanley at Work spoke to FinTech Magazine in March about its efforts to create a new roadmap for private and public companies seeking to generate liquidity.

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The April 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

April – Crypto regulations and building financial inclusion

Magazine: April 2023
Starting page: 86
Featuring: Sahar Salama

As financial markets become increasingly digitised and regulated, financial inclusion has never been more relevant.

Sahar Salama, Founder and CEO at the full-service mobile payment platform, TPAY MOBILE, noted in our April edition that digitisation of the economy is creating a divide between the technologically savvy and disenfranchised groups.

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The May 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

May – Financial services for the better

Magazine: May 2023
Starting page: 26
Featuring: Bart Leurs

Exactly 125 years ago, Raiffeisen-Bank and Boerenleenbank were founded in the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Eindhoven respectively, originally acting as banking cooperatives to serve local farming communities. 

Almost 75 years later, the two would merge, taking the first two letters of their respective names to create a brand that is still familiar to this day: Rabobank.

These days, the organisation is generating positive social change in the agri-food and energy sectors by doubling down on its commitment to innovation. Bart Leurs, Rabobank’s Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, discussed the company’s strategy, core values and continued evolution. 

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The June 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

June – Saphyre: Powering trading with AI

Magazine: June 2023
Starting page: 30
Featuring: Gabino Roche, Jr. and Stephen Roche

Fintech is a challenging arena that innovates at an extraordinary pace, posing difficulties even for those with years of industry experience. The convergence of the financial world with emerging, transformative technology is rightly shrouded in language that is often difficult to decipher.

But when FinTech Magazine met with Stephen Roche and Gabino Roche, Jr. – the twin brothers behind fintech juggernaut, Saphyre – they used metaphors and refreshingly plain language to explain how forces such as AI are fundamentally changing the global financial system.

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The July 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

July – Oracle Cloud: Infrastructure leaders

Magazine: July 2023
Starting page: 30
Featuring: Jürgen Kress

As a multinational computer technology corporation and the third-largest software company worldwide, Oracle is renowned for its comprehensive range of software products and services. 

The company offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), with a comprehensive set of services from infrastructure to platform and SaaS. 

Jürgen Kress, Director of Product Management Integration and Digital Assistant at Oracle, shared insights into how Oracle Cloud leverages community to propel digital evolution. 

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The August 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

August – Alvarez & Marsal: Transforming technology services

Magazine: August 2023
Starting page: 26 
Featuring: Jeremy Zung

Supporting a global professional services firm that enables world-class organisations to thrive presents many opportunities and challenges for an IT function.  

These environments leave little time to be introspective, and require a CIO to make instantaneous decisions and constantly evolve their thinking. 

Working in such a dynamic, fluid environment has never been a problem for flexible IT executives like Jeremy Zung, CIO at Alvarez & Marsal, who spoke to FinTech Magazine back in August. 

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The September 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

September – Volt: Building a global network of real-time payments

Magazine: September 2023
Starting page: 42
Featuring: Tom Greenwood

Nobody can achieve success in any field, let alone financial technology, without possessing a flair for innovation. 

This is how Tom Greenwood, Founder and CEO at Volt, was able to cultivate a career in fintech leadership which has stretched for over 20 years.

In an interview with FinTech Magazine in September, Greenwood said he was pleased with the company’s progress thus far, but admitted there was “still a long way to go” in Volt’s growth journey. 

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The October 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

October – Are you ready for 2024?

Magazine: October 2023
Starting page: 40
Featuring: Convera

Today, exchange rates are experiencing volatility, with economic headwinds resulting in unpredictable impacts on a growing global trade market post-COVID-19. This volatility is affecting cross-border trade for SMEs and large corporations alike. 

From August 2021 to the same month in 2023, interest rates from 155 central banks rose more than 500 times, constituting the most aggressive period of interest rate hikes ever recorded – a reality that has jolted foreign exchange (FX) rates.

In October’s edition, Convera took an in-depth look at the global economy, analysing the impacts of monetary policy, bonds and equity, credit, trade and geopolitics on FX rates.

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The November 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

November – How Fujitsu is leading on digital transformation in the fintech sector

Magazine: November 2023
Starting page: 52
Featuring: Krista Griggs

Krista Griggs is the Head of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector at Fujitsu UK. As her title implies, Griggs’ role comes with big responsibilities; she is charged with leading the revenue, profit and growth of the sector. 

Managing executive customer relationships, Griggs sets the vision and strategy for her department, leading a team of industry specialists and account executives, and orchestrating from the wider organisation to bring the best of Fujitsu to its customers. 

In November, Griggs discussed with FinTech Magazine how the IT giant is driving digital innovation across the banking, financial services and insurance sectors.

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The December 2023 edition of FinTech Magazine

December – JPMorgan Payments: Transforming treasury with technology

Magazine: December 2023
Starting page: 84 
Featuring: Michael Brady

As a leader in payments with nearly 150 years of experience, J.P. Morgan Payments has a deep understanding of the impact of technology on Treasurers and their partners.

This technology, when implemented correctly, can enhance a Treasurer’s ability to perform their core responsibilities, and their value to the organisation.

Speaking to us in December, Michael Brady, Executive Director, Liquidity and Account Solutions at J.P. Morgan Payments, said better technology and data leads to more informed decision making, resulting in better forecasting and improved control.

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