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Anna Nordén of Sovos talks 'Women in Fintech' in 2023

As the Principal, Regulatory Affairs at Sovos, Anna Nordén's career has seen her become an experts in regulatory trends in fintech.

Fintech MNT-Halan raises US$400mn in Middle East mega round

Digital ecosystem fintech MNT-Halan has raised US$400mn in the biggest funding event in Egypt and the Middle East for the past 12 months

Five reasons why millionaires are back investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice according to a new industry reports by deVere Group, that says 82% of millionaires are choosing it

Brite Payments CEO Lena Hackelöer talks Open Banking in 2023

Lena Hackelöer is the CEO of Brite Payments. We spoke to her about the future of Open Banking and trends we can expect to see in the next 12 months

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How Change Management transforms the customer experience

Santander UK’s CTO, Jas Narang, outlines the bank’s innovative strategy to fulfil better customer experiences

LendingClub’s Digital Marketplace Bank

As customers look to make their money work better for them, LendingClub is disrupting traditional banking with a new approach


Booz Allen Hamilton: Cyber innovation for today’s commerce

Booz Allen Hamilton fuses cyber technical expertise with decades of strategic consulting to deliver advanced cyber defence solutions.

Beyond insurance: Grupo Ageas Portugal

As one of Portugal’s best established insurance providers, Grupo Ageas is leading the way through innovation and new marketplace offerings

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Jasmeet Narang

Chief Transformation Officer & Head of Operations Community at Santander UK


Scott Sanborn

CEO of LendingClub


Tony Gaidhane

Vice President in Booz Allen's commercial business

Ângelo Guerra Vilela

Director of Digital Assets & Journeys for Grupo Ageas Portugal

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Top 10 Facts About Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in 2022

With the world of DeFi transforming before our eyes, staying ahead of new changes in fintech and cryptocurrency is key to understanding the current market

Top FIVE Crypto Exchanges for Investors to try in 2022

As digital currencies come into their own, we explore which platforms are offering the best services for buying, selling and trading in crypto in 2022

Top 10 Digital European Banks

With digital banks transforming the marketplace in Europe, we take a look at the top 10 in the sector

Top 10 Fintech CEOs of 2021

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. We take a look at the top 10 CEOs who are making this industry so dynamic

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Driving innovation through Change Management

Financial inclusion & digital banking in Egypt & the Levant

LendingClub: Innovative banking for today’s customer

Innovating in the cyber space