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Top 10 investment platforms to try in 2023

Investment platforms provide a range of services, from complete portfolio management to zero fees and video tutorials for beginners

Timeline: the future of sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is trending and transforming the banking and payments space – so we track its origins and future

Unfolding e-wallets and the evolution of the payments sector

We take a look at the rise of e-wallets and their benefits, including convenience and security, and explore the technology that lies behind them

Crypto regulations and building financial inclusion

As the financial markets become increasingly digitised and regulated, financial inclusion has never been more relevant

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IBM: Making sustainable finance a reality by 2030

Adam Thompson, Head of Global Sustainable Finance and ESG for IBM Consulting, talks implementations, timelines, and sustainable finance goals.

Zurich France: driving change in insurance risk resilience

Transforming legacy systems is an ongoing journey for Zurich France, as it tackles new risk and resilience solutions

Driving cloud payments modernisation with Volante

Innovation, disruption, and driving change are part of Volante’s DNA, says CEO Vijay Oddiraju


Path to IPO: Liquidity in Private Capital Markets

Morgan Stanley at Work is helping to create a new roadmap for private and public companies seeking to generate liquidity

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Adam Thompson

Head of Global Sustainable Finance and ESG at IBM Consulting

Martin de Laubadère

Céline Garnier

Denis Stasinski

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The top 10 most sustainable banks in the world in 2023

As green technology and ESG regulations demand higher standards of sustainable finance solutions, net zero goals have become a priority for bank


Top 10 Fintech CEOs to watch in 2023

Fintech has had a rough ride recently, but strong CEOs are key in keeping their companies resilient and scaling. We list the top 10 fintech CEOs today


Top 10 Facts About Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in 2022

With the world of DeFi transforming before our eyes, staying ahead of new changes in fintech and cryptocurrency is key to understanding the current market

Top FIVE Crypto Exchanges for Investors to try in 2022

As digital currencies come into their own, we explore which platforms are offering the best services for buying, selling and trading in crypto in 2022

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IBM Consulting: Tacking ESG and finance

Zurich France: driving change in insurance risk resilience

Striving for trust and technical excellence


Morgan Stanley at Work on IPO preparedness