Driving innovation through Change Management

Santander UK’s CTO and Head of Operations on Change Management and customer experience

Jas Narang, CTO and Head of Operations at Santander UK, discusses the bank’s digital transformation, which has been driven by the implementation of a new business model called Change Management. 

Narang says the solution creates a better company culture and is instrumental in creating ideas and innovations that are then passed on to the customer. 

“We set up various work streams for the transformation, involving vertical business units due to the traditional structure in a bank, but also with horizontal capabilities such as data and process re-engineering in the conversion from legacy to cloud.

“We’ve combined vertical and horizontal work streams with a work stream leader and initiative owners with the various initiatives or projects under each of those work streams.”

The system is enormously experimental and involves more than 250 people across the organisation to physically lead each of those projects. 

“Because they were leading those projects, they got intimately involved in this whole big chunk of a transformation of a programme.”

He adds, “I'm very, very passionate about Change Management aspect and the involvement of people. That is the cornerstone that differentiates us from other banks or other organisations.”


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