Dojo execs on how a customer-first approach wins the market

By Blaise Hope
Charlie Masters and Nick Fryer discuss how Dojo's customer-first approach has made it explode onto the fintech scene as the leader in premises solutions

Head of Product Charlie Masters and Chief Technology Officer Nick Fryer have helped turn Dojo into the leading premises-based fintech solution. 

A customer-first approach has made Dojo hugely popular with business owners and independent operators. Its home market of the United Kingdom is arguably the most advanced and competitive fintech landscape in the world. Dojo’s advances in the market are setting the stage for a potentially rapid global expansion as it consolidates its current position through enormous growth. 

Despite the pandemic, the numbers have been looking pretty good for Dojo. Dojo now empowers over 50,000 businesses across the UK.

Dojo boasts that it takes the standard, face-to-face, customer interaction and removes all the nonsense. Find what you want, get what you want, with minimal hassle. 

Dojo evolved from Paymentsense Limited, which was established in 2009. Dojo, a payment-tech provider based in London,  was born when the people behind Paymentsense tried to solve business' pain points when it came to payments, with an aim to focus more on their own services and customer satisfaction.


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