Apr 15, 2021

Dojo launches social distancing contactless 'payment pole'

Joanna England
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Dojo launches social distancing contactless 'payment pole'
UK contactless card payment machine provider Dojo introduces its ‘payment pole’ perfect for pubs, restaurants and events...

Payments solutions provider, Dojo, has launched their social distancing payment solution - the £38 ‘payment pole’ just in time for the reopening of the UK’s restaurants and pubs.

The safety pole, which attaches to payment machines, is designed to make customers feel more comfortable as life starts to return to normal.

Dojo card machines have both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G SIM connectivity, the new safety pole will enable staff to take reliable and secure payments from customers outdoors whilst still maintaining a safe distance.

The London-based card machine and digital payments provider is a Paymentsense brand, and facilitates payment solutions for an estimated 60,000 SMEs through a cutting-edge network of counter-top contactless payment machines. 

Dojo payment pole 

The fear of catching coronavirus from touchable surfaces such as keyboards and point-of-sale card readers, has resulted in the growth in mobile wallet and contactless card transactions. Contactless payment solutions are also perceived to be faster and more efficient than other forms of transaction, thuse driving more retailers to activate their terminals with contactless payments functionality.

The payment pole is a handheld pole that attaches easily to point of sale card machines to enable a safe distance for employees when taking payments. The device will be one, additional element to help the industry back on its feet following the nationwide lockdowns, which according to reports has resulted in the loss of an estimated 660,000 jobs in the UK alone. 

On May 17th, restaurants will be allowed to open again to inside diners, but according to reports, many are worried about not being able to take card machines outside due to potential connectivity issues stopping payments. This issue has led to the government u-turning on plans to stop people from paying inside.


Commenting on the new device, Guy Moreve, Chief Marketing Officer at card payments provider Dojo, said, “Waiting staff often get caught short by failed card transactions – due to poor internet connectivity outside of their pub or restaurant building. This will provide a huge challenge for small and medium businesses that can only reopen with outside service – and want to encourage contactless-only payments, for hygiene and safety. 

Flipping between indoor and outdoor payments or even card only to cash and card is not just a logistical headache, it could even result in lost profits. And this comes at such a critical time for the hospitality industry’s survival. 

We can provide an ideal solution for this. Dojo card machines have both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G SIM connectivity which enables hospitality staff to take reliable and secure payments from customers outdoors, without a Wi-Fi connection.”

Moreve added, “That means pubs and restaurants that use our services would no longer need to worry about changing their payment policy at the last minute and benefit from having mobile SIM connectivity, continuing to trade even if their Wi-Fi fails.”

Digital payment solutions

There has been a huge rise globally in digital payments since the COVID-19 pandemic, with retailers opting for contactless solutions over cash. According to reports, the digital payments market is expected to grow as a CAGR of 13% between now and 2026 as demand for cashless payments, driven in part by the fear of viral transmission that cash presents, evolving government policies and increased convenience. 

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May 13, 2021

Everton FC signs Sokin as its global payment partner

2 min
The Everton deal will see the startup fintech step in as the club’s official global payments partner

Everton Football Club have signed up Sokin as their official global payments partner.

Sokin is a new global currency account provider that specialises in creating open and transparent payments platforms.

The innovative fintech which launched in 2019, has agreed to a multi-year partnership that will see Sokin’s cutting-edge platform handle the Liverpool-based football club’s global currency transactions. 

Disruptive startup fintech

Sokin’s founder Vroon Modgill, a first-generation immigrant, discovered how cumbersome money exchanges were and set about creating a frictionless system that can transfer funds cheaply, swifty and easily to global destinations.

The London-based fintech has grown massively since its launch and now has offices in 10 countries. Sokin also provides a streamlined subscriber platform that opens up global access to FX transfers and payments, allowing people and businesses to transact in 38 currencies and 200 countries and territories.

Fintech partnership with Everton FC

The long-term agreement with Everton sees Sokin further boost the Blues’ growing partnership portfolio while the fintech’s collaboration with the football club strategically supports Everton's FX and payments requirements via its global platform.

The partnership will also propel Sokin into a new position as a leading global fintech provider. Modgill said of Everton FC, “This ethos is a fantastic fit for Sokin’s services. As a leading financial service provider, we exist to make global payments simple and offer a trouble-free service that our customers can trust.

“We look forward to seeing the Sokin name appear around Goodison Park – one of football’s most iconic stadiums – and embarking on this journey together. Sokin – the People’s Card, working with the People’s Club.”

Speaking about the partnership, Alan McTavish, commercial director at Everton, explained, “We are delighted to welcome Sokin on board as our newest club partner and look forward to helping them promote their leading global payments offering to millions of our fans and followers around the world.

McTavish added, “Working with such a global brand is an integral part of our commercial growth strategy. Sokin is a truly innovative, forward thinking company that puts its customers and customer experience at the centre of its operation and is a perfect fit within our exciting partnership portfolio.”

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