Relevantz: Driving fintech innovation with Fiserv

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Senior Director of Client Success at Relevantz, Georgie John, traces his time at the service provider and the importance of its partnership with Fiserv

Georgie John may only have been Senior Director of Client Success at Relevantz for a few months, but he has already started to make a significant impact. 

“I've been able to bring skills from my previous experiences, some good practices that I hope to pass along to the team here while building stronger relationships with our customers,” explains Georgie.

Relevantz & Fiserv: Nurturing partnerships

Customers don’t come much bigger than Fiserv, which represents one of Relevantz’s biggest clients since its inception as a product services company. While product engineering is still “in the DNA of what Relevantz does”, the company has since evolved into an end-to-end service provider. 

Georgie adds: “We want to give partners the power to not just help their customers, but also to become trusted advisors for their customers.” For Georgie, this value is why a partnership with the likes of Fiserv is of significant importance.

Relevantz: Partnerships in the modern age

Amid a digital revolution, maintaining partnerships in financial industries is more important now than ever, as fintechs look to ‘out-innovate’ one another to provide the most frictionless products for clients.

As far as Georgie is concerned, Relevantz can “build something new tomorrow, but six months to a year down the line, that product is already ready to be refreshed again”. 

He continues: “This is part of what we do, identifying areas that can be modernised and refreshed because today modernisation is a continuous process. This is why our partnership with Fiserv is so important today.”

What’s more, windows of time for modernisation are only getting smaller and smaller with the introduction of AI in financial services. 

Georgie feels “AI is going to be a key force of driving future growth in banking payments and transaction processing,” which Relevantz will help facilitate for financial companies alongside Fiserv.



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