Fiserv: crafting new digital experiences using open finance

As an innovator in open finance, Fiserv is helping clients unlock new revenue streams with solutions that reach virtually every US household

Head of Fintech and Growth, Sunil Sachdev, and President of Digital Payments, Matt Wilcox, explain how Fiserv is helping businesses unlock the power of open finance and create new revenue streams in the process.  Fiserv products or services reach nearly 100% of US households, either directly or indirectly through a financial institution, fintech, merchant or biller. The company has 40,000 associates globally and does business in more than 100 countries.

“Fiserv has a broad set of proprietary solutions that we bring to market to help our customers extend their capabilities to their end clients,” Sachdev tells us. “But Fiserv is also all about ensuring that we reach out to a broader set of technology companies who can supplement our capabilities in our existing financial institution segment or our merchant segment. 

“One way we're bringing that about is the opening of our AppMarket, which is going to be a home for third-party fintechs and companies that can integrate to our proprietary solutions in a way that delivers a more enhanced experience for our shared customers.” 

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