Fintech disruptor Saphyre makes smarter trading simple

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Stephen and Gabino Roche are the twin trading titans behind Saphyre – the AI-powered tech company that is revolutionising financial transactions

What is it that Saphyre actually does? It’s a question that the Roche brothers tackle on a regular basis. So much so that they have a short and a long version ready to pitch.

“What Saphyre does is instantly set up new and existing funds securely between external financial institutions, so that they can be ready to trade quickly, while eliminating post-trade issues,” says Stephen.

“Synchronising reference data in the pre-trade space eliminates much of the existing post-trade work, or redundancies, and provides critical groundwork for the move to T+1 in North America by May 2024.”

Saphyre's functionality for a client starts in the pre-trade space, before a trade even occurs, driven by intelligence rooted in more than 105 patents.


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