LGIM joins fintech Saphyre Endeavor’s AI driven platform

Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) has partnered with US fintech Saphyre’s AI-driven Endeavor platform

Saphyre, the US-based fintech that provides solutions for pre-trade setups and post-trade issues, has welcomed Legal and General Investment Management (LIGM) to its network of financial institution partners. 

LGIM has joined Saphyre’s patented Endeavor platform - an AI-driven solution that will manage the onboarding and maintenance of their funds as well as the legal contract and compliance management of their brokers.

Saphyre’s AI-driven patented platform extends the financial ecosystem

Saphyre’s core purpose is to leverage patented AI technology to digitise all pre-trade data and activities across multiple counterparties. These range from asset owners to investment managers, hedge funds to prime brokers, any client firms to broker-dealers and custodians, and more. 

Another key component of Saphyre’s platform is that it maintains a memory of data and documents, resulting in clients not having to search or resubmit the information. This, says the fintech, “expedites flow in a digitally structured manner so that it can be consumed and understood by any permissioned counterparty in the finance industry.”

According to reports, Saphyre’s automated intelligence is also capable of tracking compliance-related activities, such as NAV terminations, contained within the respective ISDA and GMRA agreements. In a statement issued by the fintech, it stated that the Endeavor platform automates compliance checks for trading as a byproduct of legal agreement setups and amendments. The statement also said that the automated processes “reduce risk and inefficiencies by eliminating manual tasks for both buy- and sell-sides, resulting in greater time efficiencies and cost savings.”

Speaking about LGIM’s connection to the network, Stephen Roche, President and Co-Founder at Saphyre said, “It’s exciting to officially announce that LGIM is part of the Saphyre platform. We’ve been collaborating with them since the beginning, in fact, when Gabino and I started this company.”

He added, “ LGIM’s clients and counterparties will benefit from the advantages that Saphyre’s platform offers.”


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