GaiaLens Launches ESG News Service for Fintech and Investors

The GaiaLens real-time report service offers investors the latest news on ESG goals and sustainable, net-zero operatives for fintech companies & investors

Investors looking to throw their support behind ESG-related operatives can now receive real-time investment news reports from the data-led ESG platform, GaiaLens. 

The service, called GaiaLens Momentum, captures and processes all relevant news for more than 16,000 public companies. Currently, the platform also runs over 100,000 internet searches per day looking for significant company news and news on ESG themes linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, SASB, and other key themes such as Modern Slavery and Gender Equality.

Processing ESG news

According to reports, the service gathers and processes news coverage related to public companies wherever it appears across thousands of traditional news sources including national media, specialist investment, and ESG trade media coverage, as well as relevant mentions on all key social media channels. The searches also include tweets from over 100 ESG thought leaders which are instantaneously analysed to see if any companies are mentioned.

The drive to reach sustainable goals set by directives laid out in the 2030 net-zero agenda, had been a motivating factor for fintechs seeking to invest their interests and partner up with companies that are working towards a more sustainable future. 

ESG and FinTech: Investing in renewables

Green fintech and investment opportunities

Data shows that the fintech industry is already far more environmentally friendly than the traditional finance sector. With digital services that don’t require customers to visit a branch, far less paperwork, and a commitment to diversity within the work culture, the sector has become the service of choice for the new generation of earners and investors. Indeed according to reports, the move to digitally managed financial services is swiftly growing trend. For example in 2020, 76% of the UK regularly use online banking, up from 42% in 2010.

Sustainable investment has become common practice too, with fintechs partnering with companies that actively support green energy initiatives and renewable innovations. 

It is hoped the new GaiaLens will provide its clients with its news service in two different formats: either as a ‘news flow’ in which all significant news linked to a company is provided including articles and third-party influencer tweets; or as an ‘ESG Incidents’ feed which captures all coverage linked to pre-identified live issues that companies are facing in the news.

The ESG Incidents data feed has already secured clients during the service’s pilot phase. Clients can upload a portfolio and then the ESG Incidents data feed will show them if there are any emerging ESG events that are relevant to the portfolio companies.

ESG data and investment opportunities for fintech

Speaking about the new service, Gordon Tveito-Duncan, co-founder and head of ESG Technology at GaiaLens, explained, "ESG structured data, such as carbon emissions reports are sparse, unstandardised and slow. For some environmental metrics there is a two-year delay in reporting. In the meantime, companies are still operating and generating a lot of unstructured data i.e., news flow. GaiaLens Momentum helps investors see what is happening right now with companies’ ESG performance before it comes through in the ‘hard’ data. Processing this news data in real-time allows us to capture the ESG momentum of a given company and chart any progress in improving their overall ESG score.”

He added, “GaiaLens’ ESG Incidents data is an effective way for asset owners and asset managers to track key ESG-linked news as it emerges, grows, and impacts their portfolio holdings, either positively or negatively.”


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