Aug 17, 2020

Yapily enables European open banking with American Express

American Express
Open banking
William Girling
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APIs are enabling Yapily to deliver open banking solutions
Open banking-focused FinTech Yapily has announced its partnership with American Express to expand payment options across Europe...

Open banking-focused FinTech Yapily has announced its partnership with American Express to expand payment options across Europe.

The mutually beneficial collaboration will allow American Express to broach new markets while Yapily receives assistance with rolling out its ‘Pay with Bank Transfer’ service.

Utilising an open API (application programming interface), the company is able to provide seamlessly integrated and accessible financial information. The platform has already been deployed to enhance the customer experience within banking, lending, accounting and more.

Currently available in 15 countries and over 180 institutions, Yapily’s API is flexible and easily adaptable; new capabilities and areas for expansion are being continually assessed.

Enabling a superior customer experience

‘Pay with Bank Transfer’ will use advanced biometric authentication technology for transaction security and instant payment APIs for enhanced speed and simplicity.

“A key deciding factor in American Express choosing to partner with Yapily lies in the Fintech’s industry leading API enabling them to retain their market-proven user experience,” said Yapily’s press release.

This is primarily because the company’s API is deployed and works in the ‘background’, therefore enabling American Express to tailor and own the direct customer experience as it sees fit. 

“American Express is a leading global provider of payments services, and we’re delighted to be merging our open banking expertise with its extensive network and trusted brand to unlock greater choice and increased benefits for businesses,” commented Stefano Vaccino, CEO and Founder of Yapily.

“The partnership is the first real step to bringing open banking payments to everyone across Europe and the UK. Now, a significant number of international merchants will finally be able to access, and benefit from, an open banking API.”

Building a partner ecosystem

This news represents the latest development in an ongoing series of established partnerships with other FinTechs and financial service institutions, including Moneyfarm and Salad Money.

The latter, an ethical FinTech attempting to provide reasonable loan options to NHS staff, is collaborating with Yapily in order to address the 80% of care workers struggling with debt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Rooney, CEO of Salad Money, stated that, at this time, people simply could not afford to be taking out unaffordable loans or stretching the limits of their overdraft:

“Now more than ever, we need an accessible, mid-cost credit market that will serve those who are currently excluded from appropriate and fair loan options.

“Through harnessing Yapily’s technical expertise, we are able to continue taking on the flawed credit industry and deliver a completely new approach to lending. We believe that the principles of open banking should be adopted by all lenders to eradicate financial exclusion and open up low-cost loans for critical NHS workers.”

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Jun 11, 2021

The Ultimate FinTech & InsurTech LIVE Event

3 min
Fintech and Insurtech magazines bring you the virtual conference that can’t be missed, streaming live from London

From October 12th-14th, 2021, BizClik’s FinTech & InsurTech live event will bring together influential executives from around the world. Live from London, this three-day event will be an excellent way to finish the year strong, gaining the confidence your company needs to move forward into the future. 

With keynote addresses from global leaders, dynamic roundtable discussions, and extensive networking opportunities, FinTech & InsurTech live will expand your network, deliver insight, and enhance your organisation’s reach. Events include a forum on financial services, discussions centred on racial equality and women in fintech, and APAC, EMEA, and US-focused sessions that capture insights from around the world.  

The event will include:


  • Keynote addresses from respected industry leaders
  • Dynamic live roundtables (inc. Q&A)
  • Fireside discussions
  • Inspirational Speakers & Presentations
  • Extensive networking opportunities


Scope Out the Agenda 

This week, we’ll share our weekend schedule of events, filled with essential industry topics and keynotes replete with knowledge and insight. Here’s a rundown of the three-day schedule


October 12th 

Kicking off at 10 AM with a welcome message from our CEO Glen White, the first day of FinTech and InsurTech Live won’t pull any punches. We discuss racial equality, inventive financial services, and cloud migration—and that’s just the morning lineup. 

Later on, we’ll cover supplier diversity, AI digital transformation, and fintech sustainability, in addition to cloud and digital transformation in global insurance. Don’t worry—we have a networking lunch in-between events! Finally, we’ll close out the day with online banking, women in fintech, and a recap of Day 1. 


October 13th

First we’ll hear from Scott Birch, our expert BizClik Media Editorial Director and facilitator, live from the Fintech Leaders Stage. We then jump into the future of digital payments, unicorns, and digital insurance brokers. Interested in learning more about digital underwriting and digital payment solutions? You’ve come to the right place. 

In the afternoon, we’ll touch on CX in insurance, host a forum on financial services, and discuss what the world might look like as a cashless society, plus the future of challenger and neo banks. Wrapping up, we’ll talk tech and AI in insurance, PayTech, and hear from a surprise inspirational speaker. But we’re not done yet. 


October 14th

As is only fitting, BizClik’s CEO, Glen White, will introduce our APAC sessions, highlighting the critical role that Asia will play in the future of fintech and insurance. Following his remarks, we’ll open up the floor for a chat about digital banking, discuss technology in APAC, and hear from Dipu KV in an iconic keynote address. 

After a series of thought leaders and networking sessions, we’ll head into an EMEA-focused session, which includes an EMEA technology panel, a CDO keynote, and a Europe enterprise presentation. In fact, this day’s events span the globe. Next up is a USA regional keynote, followed by a US CIO presentation and talks about enterprise. 

A final end-of-event farewell will close out the weekend, wrapping up a successful FinTech and InsurTech global event. Can’t miss it. We look forward to seeing you there!

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