Digital Payments Articles's CEO Günther Vogelpoel talks branded payments's Günther Vogelpoel talks to us about branded payments, his leadership style, and the highs of leading a company into a US$35mn funding round

Network tokenisation is innovating the payments experience

Sarah Owen, Chief Product Officer for digital payments network One Inc, runs through the benefits of payment tokenisation for businesses and consumers

Klarna rolls out new price comparison tool in Europe

Klarna is launching an in-app price comparison tool in three European markets, as it attempts to pivot into "a single shopping destination" for consumers

Pay-by-bank fintech Banked raises another $15mn in funding

London-based fintech Banked, which allows shoppers to pay through their mobile banking app, has raised another US$15mn towards international expansion

SumUp reacts to cost of living with POS kit for small firms

SumUp is responding to the cost-of-living crisis by providing small and nano businesses with a new point-of-sale payments solution called POS Lite

Going cashless: two new studies show how far along the UK is

Two new studies show how far the UK has come in embracing cashless payments, but underline how difficult it will be to realise a truly cash-free society

Storefund & Rakuten partner to provide ‘immediate payments'

Storefund and French e-commerce marketplace Rakuten have forged a partnership to provide Rakuten users with faster payments

Software firm Ceridian launches flexible pay solution in UK

Ceridian is extending its on-demand pay solution to the UK, as new research commissioned by the firm shows the cost-of-living crisis is beginning to bite