Digital Payments Articles

Mastercard’s biometric programme raises privacy concerns

Mastercard’s biometric ‘wave to pay’ initiative uses customer gestures as part of its identity security but experts are concerned about data privacy

What is Mastercard’s new biometric ‘wave to pay’ programme?

Mastercard has announced that it is rolling out a new programme that will allow shoppers to pay at the till with a smile or wave of the hand

BNPL in3 Raises US$85.3mn and Partners with Mollie

in3 has raised $85.3mn in its Series B funding drive before announcing strategic partnership with online payments giant, Mollie to expand its services.

Tracking Transactions & Privacy in the Digital Payment Space

Is monitoring transactions causing a privacy dilemma? Asks Antony Bellingall, co-founder and director of Idenfo, to acquire digital identity startup ubble intends to acquire the digital identity verification startup ubble, expanding the payments providers current range of financial products


What Technologies are Driving the Digital Wallet Trend?

The advance of technology is providing us with new ways to pay. So what are digital wallets, how do they work and what will their future look like?

Signifyd becomes fraud protection partner of DNA Payments

Ecommerce fraud protection provider Signifyd has announced it will be DNA Payments’ exclusive integrated fraud protection technology

Zilch CEO Philip Belamant on Startup to Double-Unicorn Story

From launch day to double-unicorn in just 14 months, Zilch has taken the marketplace by storm. CEO Philip Belamant tells us how they did it