Crypto Articles

From white paper to gold rush: a history of the blockchain

We take a trip through the history of the blockchain, from early pioneers like Nick Szabo, the engima that is Satoshi Nakamoto, and institutional adoption.

How to choose the best crypto-friendly bank for business

Daniel Devine, SVP, Digital Asset Product Development at Customers Bank, advises how businesses can select the ideal bank for cryptocurrency transactions

Women in Fintech: Nikita Sachdev talks blockchain & crypto

Nikita Sachdev is the founder and CEO of Luna PR and Luna VC. A crypto entreprenuer and investor, she describes her journey


Top 10 crypto innovators

Crypto has come a long way in a decade. But while a lot of attention is given to crypto exchanges, we wanted to shine a light on the innovators behind them

Hi's Sean Rach on building a 'super app' for crypto

We catch up with Sean Rach, Co-founder of Hi, which is striving to become the leading financial super app for all things fiat and crypto.

Where did NFT's come from? Fintech timeline tracks the NFT

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are units of data stored on the blockchain and can be anything from a simple image to a soundtrack or video

Episode Six CEO on the future of cash in a digital economy

John Mitchell, CEO and Co-founder, Episode Six, gives us his forecast on the future of cash and crypto in our increasingly digital economies

OKX becomes training kit partner of Manchester City FC

Cryptocurrency platform OKX is the latest fintech to partner with a leading sports club to reach a new audience demographic