Crypto Articles

Value of CBDC transactions 'could reach $213bn' by 2030

The value of transactions made using Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) could surpass US$200bn by the end of this decade, according to new research

Climate change: Emerging from the crypto winter

As governments speed towards CBDC pilot programmes, cryptocurrencies are facing tough recovery and trust issues. But is a thaw on the way?


Meet the CEO: SCRYPT's Norman Wooding talks trust in DeFi

SCRYPT co-founder and CEO Norman Wooding describes his journey into fintech and SCRYPT's mission to build regulatory trust in DeFi

Not much love for bitcoin as sentiment remains 'negative'

There's not much love for bitcoin this Valentine's Day as the public mood remains 'negative', according to a scorecard that tracks crypto sentiment


Navigating the NFT space and the future of tokenized assets

What is an NFT? Why do they exist - and are they worth the investment? We speak to the experts to find out more

Revolut launches 'Staking' crypto feature on its super app

Revolut has rolled out its new crypto feature to 25 million customers, via its financial super app to provide more frictionless crypto trading experiences

Five reasons why millionaires are back investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice according to a new industry reports by deVere Group, that says 82% of millionaires are choosing it

What is a crypto winter and are we still experiencing one?

We unpick the crypto winter question and explore whether regulating DeFi will help stabilise the marketplace