Episode Six Expands Role in Mastercard’s Engage Programme

Mastercard selects Episode Six to join its Engage Programme, providing it with access to technology partners across Europe

Global provider of enterprise-grade payment processing and ledger infrastructure, Episode Six, has been selected by Mastercard’s Engage Programme to have its instalments solutions spread across Europe. This follows Episode Six’s initial enrolment in the Mastercard Engage Programme

By being selected for Mastercard’s Engage Programme, Episode Six will be given fast and easy access to qualified technology partners across Europe. 

Indeed, the instalments market has been under pressure in recent times, thanks to a challenging economic environment and updated regulatory requirements. 

Despite this, Episode Six believes its selection for Mastercard’s instalments programme is a testament to the growing demand for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions – something it intends to offer future partners. 

In fact, it is because of sustained financial pressures that the desire from customers to access more BNPL services has risen. 

Episode Six: Tapping into the BNPL market

Episode Six first saw an opportunity to enter the BNPL market by leveraging its cloud-native TRITUM platform. 

The platform works by enabling incumbent issuers to launch new and modern instalments solutions – with BNPL chief among these. 

By accessing BNPL offerings from a third party like Episode Six, issuers can complement their current offerings without disrupting the services present on their existing infrastructures. 

What’s more, the issuers that Episode Six serves can themselves offer these new instalments solutions to banks. It is in this way that Episode Six hopes to further its cause of supporting consumers in difficult economic times.

Partnering with Mastercard Engage has – for Episode Six – made it far simpler to provide solutions to new partners, because all clients sit within the card processing giants’ network.

It also helps accelerate time to market for different product innovations. Mastercard Engage includes a range of partners that each contribute different components and integration capabilities to enable seamless payment experiences. 

Participants in the Engage Programme also receive opportunities to boost their growth, gain access to exclusive resources and perks as well as enhance their brand's visibility.

John Mitchell, CEO & Co-Founder of Episode Six, says: "We’re delighted that Mastercard has decided to include Episode Six's Buy Now, Pay Later technology on its Mastercard Engage platform. 

“We have strengthened our instalments offering to make it fit-for-purpose for financial institutions, providing a seamless, digital-first instalment lending experience that addresses the needs of their customers. 

“Our inclusion in the Mastercard Engage platform reinforces our commitment to revolutionise the payment landscape and address the evolving needs of the market.”

Mastercard’s support of Episode Six reaffirms its position as a supporter of emerging technology trends. 

Earlier this month, the financial services giant said alongside BNPL, it expects AI and computing advancements to dominate innovation in financial services in the coming years. 

Its support of Episode Six, therefore, confirms its commitment to help nurture and support digitisation to improve the future of financial services. 


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