AAZZUR and Channel Capital in embedded lending partnership

AAZZUR's Philipp Buschmann says the partnership will be "beneficial to both businesses".
AAZZUR's Philipp Buschmann says the partnership will be "beneficial to both businesses".
Berlin-based AAZZUR has partnered with alternative asset manager Channel Capital to forge a new embedded lending partnership, with benefits to both parties

Embedded finance fintech AAZZUR has partnered with alternative asset manager Channel Capital to forge an embedded lending partnership that will see AAZZUR supporting Channel’s digital SME lending strategy.

Channel has already invested significantly in developing proprietary systems using APIs, Open Banking and cloud-based technologies to provide much-needed finance to small businesses, the firms say. AAZZUR will use its front-end expertise to build interfaces that can turn these systems into lending products for the end-user. 

In turn, Channel will provide capital for AAZZUR’s embedded lending products for SMEs via its digital lending offering. This will allow AAZZUR to increase its own offering for B2B clients with SME customers, providing them with a fast and frictionless funding experience. 

Partnership will be ‘beneficial to both businesses’

Philipp Buschmann, CEO, AAZZUR, says: “I’ve been closely following Channel’s investments into the embedded lending space for a while now and I’m delighted we’ve been able to partner with them. Like us, Channel is committed to easy API integration and the provision of seamless B2B finance. I’m certain this partnership is going to be immensely mutually beneficial to both businesses, as we work together to improve the financial lives of both of our clients and their customers.”

Walter Gontarek, CEO of Channel, adds: “We’re delighted to be partnering with AAZZUR to provide vital funding to SMEs. Our combined expertise and shared desire to break down existing barriers to business means we’re well placed to make a real difference to small business, while providing compelling investment opportunities for our clients.”

Berlin-based AAZZUR enables companies to create an entirely new mobile banking app from scratch or enhance their existing offering within just weeks thanks to its modular smart banking platform. Its embeddable Smart Finance Blocks means clients can make their customers’ financial lives better via embedded wealth management services, budgeting tools, insurance, carbon offset programmes and more.


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