Universo Sonae, a different approach to Banking

Carlos Braziel David, Chief Operating Officer of Sonae Universo, explains what makes his company “different”

Founded in 2015, Universo Sonae is “different” from neo-banks, not only due to its significant partner ecosystem and related loyalty benefits, but because it has innovated in payment and credit options.

This has included offering fixed-term credit options, interest free options and fixed amount payment options on its credit cards and online. This has been widely appreciated by customers and a major driver of growth. 

Carlos Braziel David, Chief Operating Officer at Sonae Universo, carries responsibility for business development, operations, technology, marketing and sales at the banking heavyweight.  

Here, he discusses what makes his company “different”, including a broad ambition and  a challenging culture inherited from Sonae DNA, as well as revealing how innovative approaches to financial services in Portugal have reaped rewards.


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