Hazeltree: a wealth of technology treasury solutions

Sol Zlotchenko, Hazeltree’s Chief Strategy and Product Officer, explains how technology is transforming Treasury and Liquidity Management initiatives

The global financial industry has seen a significant increase in regulatory and market constraints around the management of cash, liquidity, and collateral. The need for robust treasury and liquidity management solutions has never been more important, and a new breed of FinTech service providers is pioneering cutting-edge technology solutions to help businesses adapt and thrive in this new environment.

Headquartered in New York with offices in London and Hong Kong, Hazeltree is leading the way in treasury and liquidity management technologies for the alternative asset management industry. The company’s unique, cloud-based solutions transform how investment firms manage their capital activities, empowering them to unlock additional value and improve operational efficiency while strengthening internal controls and managing risk.

Chief Strategy and Product Officer Sol Zlotchenko joined Hazeltree in 2016, drawing on more than 20 years of software industry experience as well as extensive financial technology and hedge fund expertise. Today, Zlotchenko leads all aspects of technology direction and product development for Hazeltree’s treasury solutions.

Zlotchenko’s appointment came at a crucial time. His expertise in building innovative FinTech products and scaling development organisations was an essential part of the company’s plans to take its products to the next level. What’s more, his ongoing leadership is also important in evaluating cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Algorithmic Optimization, and Big Data.


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