Everi is creating a digital neighbourhood for gamers

Victor Newsom, SVP of Payment Solutions at Everi, outlines a digital vision for gaming, its innovative tools, and the potential for crypto and blockchain

The global gaming industry is now worth more than $300bn and there are nearly 3bn active players worldwide. It's expanding on a dizzying array of fronts and yet the technology around payments is being adopted too slowly – reflecting the caution necessary in a tightly regulated sector.  

Everi is a leading supplier of FinTech services and solutions in the land-based gaming space in the USA and increasingly elsewhere. In 2021, the FinTech business generated $283.7mn revenues built on close to 125m financial transactions that delivered over $37bn in funds to its customers’ casino floors. The way forward for the industry will be to remove friction points both for the casino owners and their customers – or patrons – by creating a 'digital neighbourhood' that can be entered via Everi's CashClub wallet embedded in the casino's brand experience. 

Though cash is a major element, in the digital neighbourhood you can have an aligned approach to include cashless transactions as the physical and online gaming worlds blend. As cryptocurrency grows into this space, the powerful technologies available in blockchain environments like permissionless, trustless smart contracts can be introduced to secure crypto token transactions that are compliant and settled globally in real time.

Everi's FinTech, RegTech, and MarTech solutions robustly integrate the patron's experience with the operator's digitalisation journey. 

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