Mastercard launches Fintech Express in Europe

By Matt High
The global payments firm has announced the launch of its fintech and startup programme to focus on driving the digital economy...

Mastercard has launched Fintech Express in Europe. The programme will facilitate the growth and expansion of emerging fintechs and startups in the region, based on their specific needs. 

In the 2 June announcement, Mastercard said that those innovators on the programme will leverage the “power of partnerships” as well as the company’s expertise, technology and global network. 

It will also enable them to focus on innovation that drives the wider digital economy. 

Mastercard Fintech Express falls under the banner of Mastercard Accelerate, the company’s fintech accelerator platform that provides assistance to startups and emerging brands to help their growth and transformation, and global expansion. 

Mastercard Accelerate has four main programmes: Fintech Express, Start Path, Engage and Developers

Fintech Express supports digital payments innovators by making it simple for them to collaborate with Mastercard and its partners so they can launch fintech products. 

The programme is aimed at fintechs looking to add payments solutions to their suite of products, early stage companies looking to enter new markets and more established organisations. 

By becoming an Express Partner, businesses have simplified launching of payment solutions among other benefits. 


This collaborative spirit has been greatly improved by the new open banking regulations in Europe, which continue to foster new fintech models in the region. 

President of Mastercard Europe, Mark Barnett, said: “In recent years, European startups have been driving the global transition towards more digital economies. 

“The prodigious growth of new technology has touched our lives in numerous ways. Be it mobile payments, access to financing or ecommerce, fintechs have become the building blocks of our modern-day payment infrastructure.”

Barnett said that Mastercard has already become established as a partner of choice for fintechs in Europe, adding that “with today’s announcement we are taking the next step in further empowering them to fulfil their ambitions of scale and speed”.

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