FinTech Scotland and FinTech magazine establish partnership

By Matt High
FinTech Scotland, the strategic enabler for the Scottish fintech sector, has partnered with FinTech magazine to further support Scotland’s tech commun...

FinTech Scotland, the strategic enabler for the Scottish fintech sector, has partnered with FinTech magazine to further support Scotland’s tech community.

FinTech Scotland develops and enables collaborative and inclusive innovation across Scotland’s fintech ecosystem to secure the nation’s position as one of the leading fintech hubs globally. The organisation acts as a strategic enabler for a collaborative eco-system which comprises fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups fintech firms, established financial institutions, universities, public agencies, regulators and service providers. 

The recently launched partnership with FinTech magazine – a leading digital publication offering multi-channel thought-leadership content and insights from many of the world’s foremost and innovative fintech organisations – aims to further promote Scotland’s rapidly growing fintech movement and encourage further collaboration, both locally and globally. 

FinTech Scotland CEO, Stephen Ingledew, said: “This partnership is important to us as it helps further the development of Scotland’s profile on the global fintech stage. We are very pleased with the level of support FinTech magazine is ready to give our ecosystem and we’re looking forward to collaborating on future projects."


Scotland is home to more than 100 fintech companies – and that number is growing all the time. The nation has long been a global financial hub and has been voted the best European location to begin a tech business. The potential spans across cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Perth and entire regions such as Fife which are rapidly becoming thriving environments for ambitious, innovative and disruptive fintechs. 

FinTech Scotland, with FinTech magazine, aim to leverage this growth further by encouraging close working relationships between the various businesses and organisations active in the sector. 

For more information on all areas of the FinTech industry, as well as unique and market-leading insights, please take a look at the latest edition of FinTech Magazine.

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