FinTech profile: Ethoca’s digital receipt platform

By Matt High
Ethoca is a global network of leading banks and merchants driving an innovative and trusted consumer payment experience Ethoca exists to make ecommerce...

Ethoca is a global network of leading banks and merchants driving an innovative and trusted consumer payment experience

Ethoca exists to make ecommerce, very simply, about commerce. In short, that means using innovative technologies and a collaborative model to make things better for customers. 

According to Andre Edelbrock, the company’s CEO, “Ethoca is focused on one primary goal - enabling collaboration between card issuing banks and merchants to share vital intelligence that removes friction from payments and delivers the best possible experience for customers.”

The power of the network

The organisation is a Mastercard company. It is powered by the ever-growing Ethoca Network, achieves this goal through the provision of collaboration-based intelligence and technology solutions. 

As well as improving customer experience, these empower businesses around the world to fight fraud and prevent disputes. 

They also offer users rich intelligence throughout the entire customer purchase journey, which helps to close any gaps in communication between stakeholders in the payments ecosystem - banks, ecommerce brands, service providers, consumers and so on. 


Ethoca’s network approach works. The concept is based on the ‘network effect’: as more issuers and merchants collaborate, better intelligence is captured and shared, more fraud is prevented and the quality of transactions improves. 

Currently, the Ethoca Network is the largest in the world, comprising 5,075+ card issuers, 8,000+ merchants and more than 240,000 merchants descriptors.

Benefits of being a part of the Ethoca Network include: 

  • Fighting the many different forms of ecommerce fraud
  • Eliminating chargebacks, which are costly for all parties within a payments ecosystem
  • Achieve increased acceptance
  • Recover revenues
  • Improve experience

The last is, according to Ethoca, king in today’s market. Fraud, dispute resolution all fly directly in the face of good customer service. This, Ethoca adds, is “now the #1 challenge in the payments industry - and it’s virtually 100% avoidable.”

The Ethoca Network improves through the sharing of information and intelligence on those issues. 

Ethoca and Microsoft

On 15 April Ethoca announced an expansion of its ongoing collaboration with Microsoft. 

This will see Ethoca’s Digital Receipts service to bring Microsoft customers greater access to their digital purchase receipts through mobile banking applications. 

An Ethoca-commissioned study by research firm Aite Group, found that 93% of surveyed consumers said more information, including a picture of the printed receipt, would have been helpful for transactions they ended up reporting to their financial institution as unrecognized or unauthorized.

The organisation’s Digital Receipts service lets businesses give this information to their customers through card issuing banks currently enrolled in Ethoca’s service. 

The solution is currently live with a Top 5 US bank, with plans for further global expansion throughout the year. 

Find out more about Ethica here.

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