Apr 9, 2021

Top five fastest and slowest fintechs to become unicorns

William Girling
4 min
Top five fastest and slowest companies to reach unicorn status

Achieving ‘unicorn’ ($1bn+ value) status is an oft-discussed and sometimes coveted symbol of success in the fintech world.

Here, we take a look at the top five fastest and slowest global companies to reach this significant milestone. 

However, as you read through the list, remember the words of Zego’s CEO Sen Saar who recently, upon his business’ own success, advised against the “chasing [of] mythical creatures” to the detriment of developing solid products and good customer service.

Indeed: quality without success is sometimes unavoidable; success without quality is always inexcusable.

Special thanks goes to Traders of Crypto for the raw data informing this list. Find out more here.

All images sourced from respective companies.

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