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Speaking at FinTech LIVE Dubai, Amnah Ajmal, Group EVP at Mastercard discusses accelerating growth, market expansion and partnerships

Taking to the virtual stage at FinTech LIVE Dubai, Amnah Ajmal, Group Executive Vice President of Market Development (EMEA) at Mastercard delivered a keynote presentation on Accelerating Growth – Strategies for Market Expansion and Partnership. 

The human aspect of technology and its transformative impact

In the era of AI, Amnah starts her keynote by discussing the intersection of technology and human leadership. She highlights the significant changes technology brings to various industries, particularly in banking. She also notes the shift from traditional banking to the current demand for financial services.

"I'm a passionate believer that artificial intelligence would redefine every possible industry in every possible way," says Amnah.

Technology and the healthcare industry 
Using the healthcare industry to illustrate technology’s impact, Amnah discusses the rapid increase in healthcare information and the necessity of AI to keep up with the pace. Amnah continues to delve into the healthcare challenges in rural areas and how technology helps to bridge that gap and make healthcare more inclusive.

Amnah Ajmal, Group Executive Vice President of Market Development (EMEA) at Mastercard

Addressing the bias in AI

Amnah stresses the collective responsibility to ensure technology advances inclusively, sharing a personal experience of using AI image generation to emphasise the importance of fair representation in technology. 

She also discusses the need to train AI models to avoid replicating historical bias data, and the need for ongoing research and leadership efforts to rectify biases in AI.

The social impact of technology and privacy concerns

Reflecting on how technology affects social behaviours – for example, making the world both more connected and more isolated –  she shares statistics about the impact of social media and technology on children and society.

She also discusses the impact of privacy and cybersecurity particularly for children, highlighting the challenges for parents to protect their children in a digital world.

"Technology has made us very social, but has it made us antisocial also? [...] Most children spend like 75% of their waking life with their eyes fixed on a screen," says Amnah.

The role of leadership

When it comes to making technology human-centric, leadership with be vital. Amnah advises businesses to focus on customer problems and prioritise significant issues for better market expansion and maintaining a competitive edge. She also emphasises the importance of surrounding yourself with talented individuals and staying up to date with technology advancements. 

"We have to learn to surround ourselves with talented, smarter people than us and better than us because with so much happening around technology, it's impossible to keep up to pace with everything," says Amnah.

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