FinTech & InsurTech Live: Day one overview at Tobacco Dock

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Day one of FinTech and InsurTech Live comes to a close and we highlight some of the topics and discussions we have seen from day one of the hybrid event

The third successful event of the year, the first day of FinTech & InsurTech Live is underway at Tobacco Dock London. We’ve already experienced some great talks from significant industry startups and evangelists of the financial technology industry. 

What does the future of fintech look like? 

The morning began with the first pair of the show. Stephen and Gabino Roche of Saphyre brought their energy to the stage as they discussed the current fintech landscape for trading and what businesses can expect in the future. The brothers highlighted the importance of the leadership mindset they possess and how it led to the founding of Saphyre and its continued innovation as a result. We learnt that for businesses to drive their digital transformations, businesses must step back, simplify processes and consistently manage risks. 

“Patience is a virtue. It may not win you the battle, but it will certainly win you the war.” - Stephen and Gabino Roche

Following the talk from Saphyre, we welcomed Sohail Raja to the stage who is the Head of Execution Platforms & UK Chief Digital Officer for Société Générale. In Raja’s talk, he explained where the company has applied its heritage skills to enable digital transformation through its subsidiary, SG Markets. With a client-centric focus, the firm drives solutions for making data more accessible, alongside its partners, including FinTech & Partners, FinTech Circle, Accenture and PwC. 

Stephen Dury, Vice President at Capgemini, presented a talk entitled ‘Reimagine the basics better’. Taking a focus on collaboration, Dury explained when it works “It works because someone is willing to go the extra mile”. He explained how people need to be clear and candid, making sure they know what they are trying to achieve. 

“As the market becomes more fragmented there is more and more choice”. There is now an opportunity to rethink how to use AI, and improve experience for consumers with ethical AI. 

Luke Manning, Head of Sustainability at London Stock Exchange took to the stage explaining “the social side of sustainability is just as big as the environment”. Breaking down sustainability, Manning shed light on the 5 P’s -  People, Purpose, Practices, Partners and Performers. 

Live Panel discussions

As part of the FinTech & InsurTech LIVE line-up, two expert panels held on the main stage on ESG and fintech, and on diversity in fintech, lead to lively discussions on changes in the space. 

Saphyre’s Gabino and Stephen Roche, alongside Stephen Dury of Capgemini and Sohail Raja of Soc Gen, explored the ways in which fintechs are adapting to ESG - both in terms of cultural adoption, and through a desire to attract investors that are divesting in non-green industries. 

In terms of diversity in fintech, Kate Bohn, Shan Millie of Bright Blue Hare, alongside Madeline Bailey, Co-Head of Technology Consulting and Kate Rosenshine, Global Technology Lead, Microsoft, spoke about the challenges of creating a diverse environment within fintech. 

On the FinTech & InsurTech stage

On the FinTech & InsurTech stage, Ross Garrigan welcomed Michael Rennie, Chief Operating Officer at Cynergy Bank, to continue the theme of digital transformation. Rennie explains Cynergy Bank’s approach to digital transformation, by focusing its attention on the customer experience the main differentiator of its products and services. In the true nature of digital transformation, the bank has migrated to fully digital operations. 

Chief Executive Officer of Predictive Black, Zitah McMillan gave the audience an in-depth explanation of the current areas of digital transformation, including the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the shift from the use of browsers to mobile devices, the integration of new technologies, cloud-based servers, and virtual and augmented reality.

Parminder Mann, Head of Digital at M-Pesa Africa, gave great insights into the company’s operations in the continent. In 2020, the company managed 15 billion transactions—amounting to around €228bn, with a customer base of 48 million and over 550,000 agents. The company addresses the issues of technological availability across Africa, enabling mobile network solutions.

Top 100 Leaders in FinTech 

At the end of the show, Scott Birch announced the Top 100 Leaders in FinTech supplement, which compiles a list of the most supportive, innovative and development driven leaders in the industry. 

To find out who made the top position and read the full supplement, click here.

To catch the second day of FinTech & InsurTech Live, go to the registration page on FinTech Magazine.


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