Sustainability Articles

ecolytiq: Banks “miles away” from sustainability targets

We speak to ecolytiq’s Co-founder and Managing Director, David Lais, on what legacy banks must do to reverse their detrimental impact on the environment

Huawei Cloud Fintech Summit unveils Pangu finance model

Leaders Frank Dai and Alex Zhao of Huawei Cloud unveil Pangu finance model and GaussDB database at Huawei Cloud Fintech Summit in Abu Dhabi during ADFW

Fintech the leading sector for AI adoption, finds Moody’s

Researchers from Moody's Analytics discovered almost one in five professionals working in the fintech space are actively using artificial intelligence

The bank of the future, with Amit Dua, President of SunTec

FinTech Magazine speaks with Amit Dua, President of SunTec Business Solutions, about the future of banking in relation to digital transformation

Achieving net-zero: A fintech priority

Achieving net zero is one of the most important considerations for corporations globally. We track the progress of fintechs in achieving sustainable goals

Being black in fintech: diversity and its importance

Diversity in fintech is now a more central consideration than it once was – but why is D&I important, and what is the black founder experience like today?

SAP Fioneer develops new ESG financed emissions software

SAP Fioneer is launching a new software solution that will give financial institutions reliable, real-time oversight of their financed emissions

Two-thirds of tech businesses still struggle to retain staff

Two-thirds of tech businesses are still struggling to retain diverse talent, according to a new state-of-the-market update from Wiley Edge