Sustainability Articles

Remote workers waste two hours less per week, research says

Banking and finance professionals who work from home waste two hours less on average than their office-based colleagues, according to new research

AccorInvest and m3connect: taking hospitality to the cloud

Through its partnership with m3connect, AccorInvest has used the cloud to enhance the sustainability, efficiency and resilience of its hotel portfolio

Improve diversity by focusing on staff retention, Wiley says

Diversity begins with retention, according to Wiley, which has found nearly 65% of firms struggle to retain staff from underrepresented backgrounds

Fintech for good: how industry is addressing ESG concerns

Fintech legal experts Martin Cook and Matthew Loader explain what movements the UK's fintech sector is making towards becoming more sustainable.

Access to finance for farmers: the rise of agrifintech

As climate change shines a light on food security, eAgronom's Robin Saluoks explains how agrifintech could unlock funding for an underbanked group: farmers

Going green: achieving net-zero carbon emissions in fintech

Like any other sector, consumers expect fintech to do its part in achieving net-zero. How difficult is that, and what are the risks if we get it wrong?

Hybrid working is here to stay; fintech leaders must adapt

Business coach Peter Boolkah says hybrid working is here to stay – but many leaders rely on 'presenteeism' and are still reluctant to let go of the reins.

The new push to mandatory ESG regulations for banks and FIs

Jason Matteson from systems cooling company Iceotope argues that new ESG regulations will change the way banks and FIs think about data centre cooling.