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"The future belongs to all of us, but it is shaped by those who have the courage to break new ground. Because IT is changing our world." This insight of Christian's originated in 1984, when his parents gave him a computer on which he could play games. His soft spot for computer games soon turned into an interest in computer software and that became a passion. 

Life goals, digital transformation and growth

Arvato Systems was founded in 1999, Gütersloh, Germany and specialises in digital transformation. 

When a newly founded company grows or an existing company needs to be digitalised, the complexity increases with the new technical possibilities. Therefore, companies are often in the situation where they need specialists who know which services are the most suitable, where the strengths and weaknesses of the providers lie and which security levels are required. 

This is where Arvato Systems comes in.

"We are a system integrator that offers exactly these kinds of services", says Christian Scholz, IT Director Cloud Business at Arvato Systems. Christian has been with the company for 19 years. He started as Lead Architect and became IT Director in 2014. 

"What do you need for your life?

Goals!" laughs Christian. "My personal challenge was: to build large IT systems. To try out what is possible. I started at Arvato Systems 19 years ago and I kept getting the chance to work with IT giants, like Microsoft and Google, on various projects. These projects were large, complex and very challenging. I had the freedom to make my own decisions and do things differently. This allowed me to test myself, gain new experiences and grow. That kept me interested. ubsequent management level positions have made it all even more exciting. Today, I'm happy to be able to help shape the company in my position."

Successful leadership and digital transformation

For Christian, successful leaders are not above the team, but part of it.

"One of the tasks for good managers is to put together a team that achieves the desired goals. It is important to understand that the team determines the path to the goal and not necessarily the manager. Successful managers include people with different skills in their teams and give them tasks they can grow with. In other words, the team is given the space it needs. In an open and trusting atmosphere, it can communicate freely and honestly. This is the prerequisite for developing as individuals and as a team. Everyone in the team has different abilities. You have to put people in the right place and see if their skills develop. 

“Good leaders therefore also give pointers on where their team members can improve. And some employees may not even know what their strengths are yetand I have the space and freedom to develop the team.


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The future belongs to all of us, but it is shaped by those who have the courage to break new ground. Because IT is changing our world.
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IT Director Cloud Business

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