Barclays Appoints CEO of Germany Dr Ingrid Hengster

By Tanmay Patange
FinTech magazine takes a look at the change of position for Dr Ingrid Hengster and two other executives in FinTech, Carla Hassan and Tariq Ahmad

Dr Ingrid Hengster

Company from: KfW

Company to: Barclays


Job from: Member of the Executive Board

Job to: CEO of Germany, Global Chairman of Investment Banking


Barclays’ decision to appoint Dr Ingrid Hengster as the CEO of Germany and the Global Chairman of Investment Bank comes when the British multinational bank expands its horizons in Europe. As an experienced professional who has handled leadership roles at many investment-banking ventures and executive positions at KfW, Hengster knows the heart of the area where she must lead and optimise the performance. Her additional experience in organising COVID aid programs for German organisations will also be crucial in the changes that Hengster may bring to Barclays Germany. Born in Austria, Hengster acquired her Doctorate in law from the University of Salzburg, Austria. During the following decades, she has worked with some of the most prestigious organisations in Europe.

“The almost eight years at KfW were very rewarding because I had the opportunity to contribute significantly to society in a key position.”

Carla Hassan

Company from: Citibank

Company to: JPMorgan Chase


Job from: CMO

Job to: CMO


The newest addition to JPMorgan Chase’s New York Office is Carla Hassan, who has worked at Toys “R” US and, most recently, Citibank. She will be joining Chase as the Chief Marketing Officer, a position she previously held at Citibank since September 2020. A relentless advocate of women empowerment and equality, this University of Colorado alumna has received multiple accolades for her work. She is expected to assist Chase in competitive marketing and inclusive growth.

Tariq Ahmad

Company from: Brandywine Global Investment Management

Company to: Franklin Templeton


Job from: CEO

Job to: Head of Distribution, Asia


Franklin Templeton is preparing for better performance in Asia, with Tariq Ahmad as the head of distribution. Tariq Ahmad was previously at Brandywine Global Investment Management, where he worked as the head of Asia operations and later the CEO. Besides having more than 18 years of industry experience, Tariq has deep connections in Asia’s investment businesses sector. Tariq will be working under Vivek Kudva, the Asia-Pacific Head of Franklin Templeton.


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