Financial Services (Finserv) Articles

Pacemakers: Fintech partnerships spur community bank growth

We speak to the MD of Strategic Consultancy at Pacemakers, Alessandro Hatami, about how community banks are securing growth amid economic downturn

Financial wellbeing startup Mintago secures growth funding

UK-based financial wellbeing platform Mintago has secured extra growth funding from investors, as workers look for cost-of-living solutions

AccountsIQ: Could AI put you out of a job in finance?

A study by AccountsIQ finds 23% of senior finance professionals fear AI could make them redundant, as 24% of financial companies start onboarding new tech

Atlantic Money: What does PYUSD mean for crypto?

After PayPal launched a new stablecoin, PYUSD, we ask if this could bring crypto further into the mainstream, in talks with Atlantic Money’s Neeraj Baid

Forex: Top investment options see 50/50 stock & crypto split

New data from Forex shows a 50/50 split in the top investment options of 2023 between stocks and crypto, highlighting the rise of crypto as an asset class

FreedomPay: The ascent of digital payments

FinTech Magazine speaks to FreedomPay SVP Kevin Carson about ways businesses can expand digital payment options to boost customer retention

Mercedes-Benz partners with Mastercard for in-car payments

Mercedes-Benz, through its Mercedes pay+ division, has partnered with Mastercard to launch an in-car, ‘at the pump’ payments solution

Mission Lane: Delivering next-level operations through AI

FinTech Magazine speaks to Head of Engineering and Technology at Mission Lane, Mike Lempner, about how AI is taking the company’s services forward