Banking Articles

Starling Bank Founder and CEO Anne Boden steps down

The Founder and CEO of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, has stepped down from her position as CEO to avoid conflict of interest concerns


ClearBank CEO on the state of banking and plans for growth

At IFGS 2023, ClearBank CEO Charles McManus spoke to FinTech Magazine about the state of banking, the need for regulation, and ClearBank's plans for growth

High time for banks to rethink how they support customers

Against the backdrop of economic uncertainty, banks need to think again about how they support their customers, writes GABV's Steve Round


Interview: EY on the state of banking and M&A post-SVB

Following recent banking failures, what impact should we expect to see on the banking landscape and the outlook for M&A activity?


JPMorgan Chase to take over struggling First Republic Bank

JPMorgan Chase has agreed a deal to rescue the struggling bank First Republic Bank, which has lost tens of billions in customer withdrawals in recent weeks

Timeline: the future of sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is trending and transforming the banking and payments space – so we track its origins and future

Digital banking: traditional banks versus fintech providers

Amit Dua, President of SunTec Business Solutions, explains why digital banking is so attractive to Gen-Z consumers and explains how incumbents can respond

How can finance accelerate transition to renewable energy?

Renewable electricity is a critical component in cleaning up our energy mix – so what can financial institutions do to help renewables thrive?