Delivering agility through technology

Brian Kealey, GM and VP for MuleSoft Asia, talks technology and cutting edge solutions for the global insurance industry

MuleSoft, acquired by leading software company Salesforce in 2018, is the unified platform for integration, APIs, and automation. MuleSoft makes it possible for IT and business teams to create seamless digital experiences faster than ever before.

The core aim of MuleSoft is to help organisations through their digital transformation journey by enabling greater speed, agility, and efficiency. Brian Kealey, GM and VP for MuleSoft Asia, leads the MuleSoft business across Asia, which covers the Greater ChIna Region, Southeast Asia and India. 

He says, “MuleSoft's vision is to help organisations to become more composable and agile by unlocking their assets, the data, and the processes they have, and being able to improve their customer experience through technology.”

AXA’s cloud-based digital backbone

MuleSoft has been partnering with AXA for several years, assisting the insurance giant with its digital transformation process. The collaboration has resulted in AXA harnessing the power of the digital ecosystem, which has enabled it to provide new products and services to customers faster. 

Kealey says that MuleSoft’s cutting-edge solutions bring all systems of record and processes together to allow organisations to be more flexible, more agile, and experiment faster with lower-risk to their customers.

“The way they're doing that is through four discrete areas. The first is an engagement layer. We've been working with them to provide an end-to-end digital platform experience, powered by Salesforce and connected right through to their backend systems. 

“The second, is bringing systems of insight to their teams so that they can unlock the data, the insights about their customers, their business and their products. The third is improving customer experience, and the fourth is really about their business expansion.”

Transforming customer experiences

The trend for focussing on the customer experience is a theme dominating all industries, and MuleSoft has taken a different approach to achieving its goal. Kealey says, “We saw that more than 70% of customer experiences in Asia have become digital over the last two years. And we've seen the pandemic has massively accelerated how organisations think about digital and how critical that is to their growth.”

Enterprise-wide collaboration and innovation 

Customers can take advantage of MuleSoft’s unified suite of products to drive collaborative innovation across the company:

  • Anypoint Platform™ empowers IT teams to deliver composable services, API products, and bots at scale for the entire organisation.
  • MuleSoft Composer empowers business teams to automate integrations to common systems without code, by leveraging IT’s reusable assets, support, and governance.
  • MuleSoft RPA automates repetitive and manual tasks with reusable bots that can intelligently process documents, enter data, or take action on the user's behalf, all without code. Combined with Composer, MuleSoft RPA will allow customers to truly automate complete workflows across multiple systems and apps end-to-end, even disconnected legacy systems. 

“We allow IT to have the security and governance that they need to make sure the organisation is not at risk,” he says.  “Now with automation capabilities, we’re providing the leading unified platform that combines the power of integration, API management, and automation on a resilient, secure, and flexible foundation, so companies across industries can easily automate business processes and compose new digital-first experiences, faster.”

He concludes, “That's been the focus for us for the last few years. And we're continuing to innovate in security and governance and reliability space as well. So very exciting times for us.”



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