Upholding values amid a fast and furious tide of innovation

Credit Union of America’s David Germann and Jon Douglas discuss the importance of upholding values while keeping pace with technology innovation in finance

If you would have told Jon Douglas, Chief Information Officer at Credit Union of America, that his career would have taken him into finance after a 20-year stint in the US Air Force, he wouldn’t have believed you. But, after a career spent supporting IT and cybersecurity “from every level starting at the help desk all the way up to communications and security”, Douglas knew his time in the military had to end at one point or another. 

Initially moving into education post-military in his local State of Kansas – also the home of Credit Union of America – Douglas joined Chief Lending Officer David Germann and has “loved every minute” of his 16-month tenure, in which he manages data, business and technical analysis. 

A less unorthodox route into finance, Germann has cultivated an extensive career in finance, recently entering his 36th year in the industry. Working at a company for 25 years after leaving college, Germann admits his story “is probably something similar to what you hear a lot of in the news”, being “very successful one Monday after having a record month”, to being told “at 4pm on Tuesday that the company had been sold, and I lost my job.”

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