Sumsub: Combatting fraud in financial services

We catch up with Ilya Brovin, Chief Growth Officer of Sumsub, at Money20/20, where we discuss combatting fraud in the financial services industry

Sumsub’s Chief Growth Officer Ilya Brovin speaks to FinTech Magazine at Money20/20 Europe, where the company announced its new positioning. 

Already established as a verification platform serving financial services, Sumsub plans to expand its anti-fraud services throughout the customer journey, not just at the onboarding phase. 

Using customer data from the know your customer (KYC) stage, Sumsub is extending its services throughout the customer journey at a bank or other financial institution, by offering constant monitoring services for transactions and fraudulent activity. 

Launching updates to its orchestration platform throughout the last year, Sumsub has evolved to be in a position to support much more than the client onboarding stage.
Click on the video for more from Brovin, which you can also find on the FinTech Magazine LinkedIn page.


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