OTP Bank: Transforming challenges into opportunities

OTP Bank: Transforming challenges into opportunities

Constantin Mareș, Chief Digital Officer of OTP Bank, Romania, discusses how the company ‒ in 2019, before the pandemic hit ‒ embarked on a period of evolution and change to better meet the needs of customers and employees. 

In the three years since this evolution began, the company has overhauled its “employer branding” to become more people-centric and led by employees, has worked with fintech partner, FlowX, to create a digital platform to allow for remote banking and to streamline its workflow application for employee flexibility, and shifted the overall working culture of the bank to break down the innate fear of making mistakes.

As a result, it has become one of the fastest-growing banks, expanding both its digital and physical footprint in Central and Eastern Europe by acquiring more physical locations for traditional banking, as well as offering comprehensive digital platforms and remote onboarding, to reach all parts of the population.

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