Moody's Corporation unveils its Process Excellence Programme

Jeff Klebanoff, Managing Director, and Paul Paretta, SVP of delivery, unpack key components of Moody's finance transformation initiative

Finance is no longer about reporting on what has already happened. Instead, the emphasis is shifting in a way that enables people to be proactive, leveraging the numbers to predict what might happen – moving from hindsight to insight. 

In response to this, Moody's Corporation is undertaking a multi-million-dollar finance transformation programme with the help of enabling partners like EY, Microsoft and SAP. 

We hear from key leaders in this Process Excellence Program initiative, including the Managing Director of Finance Transformation, Jeffrey Klebanoff, and the SVP of Programme Delivery, Paul Paretta. Together, they discuss the progress, the process, the goals and the challenges of this huge task.  

The core of the Process Excellence Program is now in place and key capabilities have been rolled out to Moody's Analytics. The next major phase will roll that solution out to Moody's Investor Service – a phase that’s already being planned and will start in 2023.


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