Money20/20 USA: Day three highlights

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FinTech Magazine rounds up day three of Money20/20 USA, with highlights including conversations with Nvidia, Mastercard and Amdocs

This week, FinTech Magazine is attending Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas. It’s time now to round up day three of the show, which ultimately brings it to an end – and of course there’s the inevitable final-day rush to secure even more meetings and make more contacts.

The halls here in Vegas are still pretty busy, and on this last day we’ve been catching up with the likes of Nvidia, Mastercard, Amdocs, Google, and Convera.


We spoke with Malcolm deMayo, Global Financial Industry Sales at NVIDIA, who explained how the tech company is providing the tools for financial firms to build better experiences for their customers by using AI.

“What NVIDIA has done is to build application frameworks that allow our customers to build and customise their large language model, but also take these software SDK that we've built – one’s called Riva, and that will take text and convert it to speech

“It's fully optimised with whatever large language model you want to use. The second thing we've done is we built our ACE or avatar cloud engine, and ACE will allow you to extend this to a digital avatar or a digital human.”


We also caught up with Jess Turner, who is EVP – Head of Global Open Banking and API at Mastercard, and she told us all about the partnerships that Mastercard has been embarking on lately – including one with Worldpay around the increasingly popular topic of open banking.

“We're really excited about that partnership,” she told us on the show floor. “We've had a long-term relationship with Worldpay for many, many years but what we're doing is using our open banking connectivity to connect consumers, at their consent, to third parties through their bank account.

“How that works is a consumer decides that they want to connect their bank account for a payment. Typically, in the biller segment they give us consent, we connect their bank account on their behalf and we create products and services that can help reduce fraud, and then they can more seamlessly make a bill payment through Worldpay.”


Last but not least, we took the time to speak with Amdocs, the US-based software and services provider. Zur Yahalom, SVP Financial Services for Amdocs Americas, told us why he believes personalisation is the most important trait in fintech today.

“We're helping financial services institutions to build better customer experiences, better digital journeys by helping them design this, building the underlying infrastructure to run these experiences and most particularly, turning those experiences into more personalised, memorable and easy-to-consume experiences.”

The organisers of Money20/20 here in Vegas have launched a new product called TwentyFold, which it describes as a repository of 80,000 fintech startups ranging from pre-seed to IPO that aims to make it easier for founders, and VC firms, to find and approach new investment opportunities.

In today’s fundraising environment, I’m sure that will be a welcome matchmaker for many of the attendees at Money20/20 USA – and of course we’ll see how TwentyFold evolves as we head towards other Money20/20 iterations next year.


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