Mambu offers a different type of banking & lending solution

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With the current turbulent economic times, Mambu’s SaaS solution is helping financial institutions act quickly, launching and withdrawing products at speed

With markets, behaviours and customer demands changing quickly, financial institutions need to act with speed. And with McKinsey predicting the pace of change in the banking industry will speed up significantly over the next few years, banks and lenders need a solution that helps them stay ahead of the curve.

Mambu is a SaaS, cloud-native, API-driven banking and financial services platform, designed to power financial innovation, bring solutions to market faster, drive down cost barriers and allow ecosystems to expand.

“I'm a firm believer that the core banking world is very niche,” explains Nick Lawler, Mambu’s Market Sales Director for UK&I. “What we do, we cannot do as any one individual. And that's the same for any one business.

“No one person can deliver a transformational change to a bank or a building society or a financial institution. You need to look at the wider ecosystem. That's my role, pulling it all together, and that's essentially what Mambu does as well.”

Founded in 2011, today Mambu’s customer list includes fintech start-ups, telcos and top-tier banks, operating on six continents and helping customers constantly change the way financial institutions operate and innovate. 


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