Gartner MXF: Innovation that goes beyond generative AI

Agustín Rubini, Director Analyst for Gartner MXF, explains how commercial banking can continue implementing good AI co-pilot services and use cases

Speaking at Money 20/20 to FinTech Magazine, Agustín Rubini highlights how the event is a conversation. He discusses how the event can be used to connect with people and businesses to learn and grow together.

Gartner covers innovation across multiple industries, but Rubini is focused on delivering insights for customers within financial services. With 15 years of experience in commercial banking, he is able to connect with big name clients like HSBC, Santander and Lloyds, with a unique perspective in secure banking.

Rubini lays focus on the importance of generative AI and how banking can take it beyond a single user case. Describing these solutions as nothing new, he lays emphasis on how, despite many use cases starting to emerge, an AI chatbot is not the answer for banking due to risk.

He explains how banks and financial institutions will need to work together with AI acting as copilot in order for it to be successful within banking. With this in mind, he says, every institution will start to implement AI services within the next few years.


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