Episode 002: David M. Brear, CEO of 11:FS

By Georgia Wilson

11:FS Group CEO, David M. Brear, on leadership, culture and why digital financial services are only 1% finished.

11:FS is built on a very definite premise: digital financial services are only around 1% finished. It is, as Group CEO David M. Brear concedes, not a statement backed by ‘10,000 surveys’, but rather, by a singular belief and dedication to building the next-generation digital propositions that challengers and financial services institutions need to complete that journey.

“There are still large parts of the industry that are just fundamentally broken,” he explains, joining us remotely under COVID-19 lockdown. “You know, when we say digital banking is only 1% finished, what we really mean is that with all of the innovations and technological advancements, plus the requirements of consumers and the increasingly competitive landscape, there is still so much opportunity to get better and grow. For the amount of money and hours of development that is spent, we should be doing a lot better in serving customers.”


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