Episode 001: Tod Beardsley, Director of Research at Rapid7

By Georgia Wilson

Rapid7 Director of Research, Tod Beardsley, on the cybersecurity landscape for digital enterprises, and the company’s latest Threat Report.

March 2020 will be the point we look back and see a fundamental change in how the internet functions, as well as how people and enterprises interact with the internet,” says Rapid7’s Tod Beardsley, referring to the seismic shift in the digital and IT landscape that has occurred as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. For Beardsley, and indeed Rapid7, this change will be analysed and understood in the broader context of cybersecurity, threat and risk.

The business, based in the US, offers a host of solutions that simplify the complex, and which advance security for enterprise customers with visibility, analytics and automation delivered through its insight cloud. Beardsley has been with Rapid7 for 10 years – a period that he concedes is “a lifetime in a tech job” – and today is responsible for software vulnerability research efforts, vulnerability disclosures, and contributing to the company’s data science-driven research projects.


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