Zeux launches new in-app Amazon shopping feature

By Evelyn Howat
Back in January, we spoke to Frank Zhou, CEO of London-based fintech, Zeux in our startup spotlight series. We look at how 2020 is shaping up for them s...

Back in January, we spoke to Frank Zhou, CEO of London-based fintech, Zeux in our startup spotlight series. We look at how 2020 is shaping up for them so far.

This week, Zeux announced the launch of its new ‘in-app’ Amazon shopping feature, in an attempt to ride the demand for the soaring e-commerce market caused by the UK lockdown due to COVID-19. Customers will also receive 2% cashback on all Amazon purchases made through their Zeux app using their card.

What is Zeux?

“Zeux is the first all-in-one money management fintech app to bring together payment functionality, zero-fee foreign exchange, investment and savings options (with market-leading rates), in one smartphone experience.” CEO, Frank, told us in January, “Fast, secure, convenient and reliable, Zeux has been designed to streamline the user experience for mobile banking users.”

The fintech also helps customers open investments and savings alternative accounts seamlessly, track and monitor their spending, while getting returns for their money. 

Zeux launches new in-app Amazon shopping feature

2020 and beyond

The new decade has kicked off to an interesting start - in the wake of coronavirus many businesses have suffered badly or faced extinction. 

In the financial services industry, we’ve seen traditional banks endure hardship throughout, and fintechs thrive by staying agile - Zeux is no exception.

“This is the time to re-think your strategy. Times like these are hard for many, but can also bring positive innovation. ‘Adapt or lose’ applies now more than ever — whether it comes to internal operations or product offerings.” Says Zhou, “Be agile, use technologies to your advantage, listen to your customers and remain competitive.”

Zeux launched its first physical card at the start of April “to satisfy the growing appetite for a ‘phygital’ – physical and digital – banking experience.” And now, its brand new Amazon shopping feature. What could be next? 

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