Money20/20: Journey to the Future of Money

By Matt High
Everyone is here, every time. A succinct statement that neatly sums up one of the largest events in the global fintech calendar: Money20/20. In just un...

Everyone is here, every time. A succinct statement that neatly sums up one of the largest events in the global fintech calendar: Money20/20.

In just under one week, the next in a series of rolling events that takes in the US, Asia, China and Europe takes place. Money20/20 USA, set for the 27-30 October 2019, will be held at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

The event exists to provide a forum for innovative and ambitious people and companies in the financial sector to connect and create, with a particular focus on payments. Typically, according to the Money20/20 website, it brings together “visionaries and innovators from across the spectrum who are inventing new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share and project money”.


Journey to the future

The theme for this year’s event is Journey to the Future of Money. Within that context run several agenda tracks, each of which explores ways in which the industry is shaping and creating the future of money through industry-leading insights from a speaker roster that is, in a word, vast. These wider agenda tracks include:

Payments & Commerce Innovation – focusing on how retail and business payments value chains will evolve, their impacts on margins and where new sources of value will emerge.

Banking & PFM – addressing how banks can leverage new technologies and data to deepen customer relationships and create new products and experiences.

Emerging & Converging Tech – how will combining AI, Cloud, Blockchain and Quantum computing change the game for ever?

Entrepreneurship & Investing – an in-depth look at how incumbents can scale their businesses, and stay ahead in the competitive fintech ecosystem.

Blockchain & Crypto – what will new technologies and business models in the sector do to revolutionise the way in which financial services are delivered and managed?

The Human Factor – focused on UX and CX. Specifically, where is the innovation in the sector and how can companies take the lead?

Alternative Lending & Credit – exploring how new business models, sources of data and technologies are improving consumer experiences and decisions.

Regulation & RegTech – seeking opportunities and the ability to drive partnerships in regulatory and compliance requirements.

Regional Superstars: Spotlight on LATAM – is LATAM fintech's new epicenter?

Regional Superstars: Spotlight on Asia – market conditions and understanding the fintech boom in the sector.

Digital Trust – is it possible to create full protection for digital privacy, and would there be any regulatory and ethical implications? 

Cybersecurity & Fraud – looking more closely at the companies pioneering identity and cybercrime solutions. 

If, like us, the above list leaves you wanting to know more about the upcoming event, we'll be looking more closely at some of the key topics, keynotes and speakers over the coming days. 

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