FinTech profile: PayU India - the payment gateway innovator

By Matt High
PayU India is an innovative payment gateway, payment solutionsand financial services provider for all businesses across global growth markets PayU is I...

PayU India is an innovative payment gateway, payment solutions and financial services provider for all businesses across global growth markets

PayU is India's leading payment gateway, powering 4,500,000+ business such as Netflix, Airbnb, Book My Show, Cred and more.

The company offers a complete payment gateway solution for website and app with one promise: "to give customers the best payment experience from anywhere with multiple payment options". 

According to PayU, the benefits of this innovative technology include: 

  • All payment options
  • Optimum success rate
  • 24x7 support
  • No documents required to start integrating
  • Customer checkout experience

Payments anywhere, anytime

The payment gateway has 100+ payment options, including cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Rupay and Diner; it is integrated with more than 75 digital and online banks; works with 15 digital wallets and is also integrated with EMI and buy now pay later options. 

PayU also accepts international payments, allowing users to be paid by customers from more than 100 foreign currencies. 


Naturally, security is paramount across the companies technology. PayU has a well tested security engine that runs deep encryption to protect all data from any cyber threat. And that's despite the gateway being capable of integrating with several different platforms. 

Faster payments

Customer experience continues to drive much development in the financial services sector, and PayU is little different. Its payment gateway hosts both quick payment and smart recommendation options for this purpose.

These show the customer's most used payment option for efficiency, but also suggest which payment option may be the best to choose. 

Total payments provider

PayU is a one-stop shop for business payments. The company's payment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating an online presence with website payment gateways
  • Collecting payments
  • Paying vendors and employees
  • Creating professional websites
  • Payment solutions for blogs/home businesses
  • Professional invoices
  • Payment options for Excel sheets
  • Personalised website options
  • Automatic subscription options for businesses
  • QR code technology for brick and mortar stores

PayU India: growing in every way

Since its founding in 2014, PayU India has seen significant growth and quickly become recognised as India's leading payment gateway provider.

Today, the company is the preferred payments partner for nearly 60% of ecommerce merchants in India, including all leading ecommerce companies and many airline operators. 

PayU India's mission remains simple: "To create a safe and secure ecosystem that enables anybody to make or receive payments, bringing convenience and trust through continuous innovation leveraging technology."

Find out more about PayU India here


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