FinTech profile: AeroPay- reimagining the payments landscape

By Matt High
AeroPay uses innovative technology and software to reinvent the payments process for businesses The payments landscape for businesses can often be conf...

AeroPay uses innovative technology and software to reinvent the payments process for businesses

The payments landscape for businesses can often be confusing and outdated. This is where innovative fintech, AeroPay comes in. 

The business was borne out of frustration at the existing system and with a view that there is a better way to pay, and a better way to be paid. 

Accordingly, the company’s founders set about developing an innovative payments platform that works for businesses, consumers and their communities. 

AeroPay’s values are simple: business owners and their customers should have more control over their money; all businesses should be able to access innovative financial tools and fair pricing; diversity and inclusion is essential.

According to company founder and CEO, Daniel Muller: “Our payments platform works for both sides of the transaction.”

Muller explains that “We’ve created an ecosystem that is a true win-win. We are taking a practical approach to growing something new that is effectively changing consumer behaviour to benefit everyone.”

AeroPay: smart innovation

AeroPay offers a suite of solutions designed to save businesses money through the use of smart bank transfers.

The company’s platform is adaptable to work for any business type - whether online or in-person. 

Its online solutions, for example, take payments from a company’s website, on its platform or through a custom link. 

This covers checkout, recurring payments or one-time charge services. 

For in-person business, AeroPay allows for the taking of payments in store or in the field. Take AeroPay Mobile App Pay, for example, which allows restaurants and retail businesses to accept contactless mobile payments through the AeroPay app at point of sale. 

If a customer has the app on their mobile device, it automatically connects to the business upon entering the store. When payment is required, it can be completed through a simple one-touch process. 


Simple, seamless and secure

Businesses gain several benefits from using AeroPay solutions. For example, the company’s payments costs users less than those made by credit or debit cards, meaning that money is saved for every transaction. 

Similarly, payments ate quick, easy to make and secure - they also a cleared through a seamless bank transfer within 24 hours. 

Customer experience is essential to the success of any business. Accordingly, AeroPay uses advanced technology to allow customers 1% cash back on every purchase with rewards being paid out every two weeks. 

Find out more about AeroPay here.

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