Event: FinTech World Forum 2019 London

By Matt High
The FinTech World Forum 2019 takes place on November 18-19 at the Great Hall in Kensington’s Conference and Events Centre in London. The event, is o...

The FinTech World Forum 2019 takes place on November 18-19 at the Great Hall in Kensington’s Conference and Events Centre in London.

The event, is one of the largest on the industry’s calendar, and will cover off a host of key topics and themes including AI and the future of the sector, the ongoing impact of Blockchain on the industry, as well as more forward-looking discussion points around future opportunities in payments and lending and the role of innovations such as wearable tech and biometrics.


This year, the two-day event will host close to 30 (so far) keynote speakers and panellists from some of the largest and most recognisable global companies in the financial industry. This includes:

  • IBM: Søren F. Mortensen, Director Global Financial Markets
  • Mastercard: Edoardo Volta, VP, Head of FinTechs 
  • HSBC: Giles Spungin, Managing Director, Global Head of Analytics, Compliance and Operational Risk
  • Starling Bank: Julian Sawyer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tide: Laurence Krieger, Chief Operating Officer
  • Aviva: Robin Peters, International Digital Development Director
  • Citi: Luis Valdich, Managing Director, Venture Capital Group
  • Sky Betting & Gaming: Andy Sacre, Head of Product


Across two days, delegates will experience a myriad of fintech-related content.

Day one includes keynote titles such as Regulatory Challenges in the FinTech Market, Big Bank FinTechs, Transforming Banking Services with FinTech Innovation and Tokenisation & Stablecoins. There will also be several more in-depth workshop and discussion sessions on topics including Is our Devops Strategy Keeping up with the Challenges of FinTech and Predicting the Future.

Day two starts with a Blockchain, Crypto, Due Dilligence and AMI keynote and takes in other areas including Accelerate and Adapt: Helping New Entrants Scale, Building FinTech Products for the Customer and with the Customer, and Importance of the Human Touch and Human Interaction.

Expect more on this and other events on the FinTech Calendar over the coming months. 


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