Top 10 largest banks in North America

We take a look at ten of the largest banks dominating North America.

A huge market of the banking industry lies in North America, with billions of dollars worth of assets tied up in commercial banks. We take a look at ten of the largest banks in that region.


10. Bank of Montreal 

This bank is an investment bank and financial services company. It is the 4th largest bank in Canada and was first opened during the June of 1817. The company hasn't missed a dividend payment since 12 years after they opened.

Total assets (billions of US$): $613.56


9. Scotiabank

Scotiabank is a financial and banking services company based in Canada. The bank serves around 25 million customers worldwide, and has over 92,000 employees across their branches. The company was founded in early 1832.

Total assets (billions of US$): $785.44


8. Morgan Stanley

This banking company based in New York has branches and offices in 42 different countries. Across all branches there are over 60,000 employees. Morgan Stanley has a range of Clients such as Governments, Corporations as well as individuals.   

Total assets (billions of US$): $853.53


7. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs operates in around 30 counties and has offices in 60 cities. The bank offers services in investments, securities, banking and financial services. Goldman Sachs was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in New York City.

Total assets (billions of US$): $931.80


6. Toronto-Dominion Bank

This bank was first established in 1955 when the Bank of Toronto and The Dominion bank merged. In total Toronto-Dominion Bank has over 89,000 employees. There are over 11 million customers across all 1,091 branches.

Total assets (billions of US$): $1006.00


5. Royal bank of Canada

The Royal bank of Canada was first opened in 1864, based in Toronto. This company has 86,000 employees as well as 16 million clients. The bank serves around 10 million customers within their 1,209 branches. 

Total assets (billions of US$): $1039.24


4. Wells Fargo

This bank is based in San Francisco and has offices throughout the United states. Operating in over 40 countries with over 13,000 ATMs. Wells Fargo was founded in 1852. The Bank has $1.92 trillion in assets and over 270,000 employees.

Total assets (billions of US$): $1895.88


3. Citigroup Inc.

Citigroup Inc is the biggest banking institution in America. The company has over 204,000 employees and 2 million account holders. The bank has business in around 160 countries and has branches in over 40 countries. The current CEO Jane Fraser is the first woman CEO of a big four bank. 

Total assets (billions of US$): $1917.38


2. Bank of America 

The Bank of America was founded in San Francisco during 1998 and now operates in the headquarters in North Carolina. This is the eight largest bank in the world. The Bank of America has over 46 million customers, and 4,600 banking centres. Operating in over 40 countries, with 15,900 ATMs.

Total assets (billions of US$): $2352.51


1. JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United states and the fourth largest in the world. It is a universal bank and a custodian bank. The company operates in investment banking, asset banking, private banking, and wealth management. The company has over 250,000 employees and 5,100 branches.

Total assets (billions of US$): $2662.53



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