Top 10 Fintech Countries 2020

By Leigh Manning
Fintech Magazine takes a look at the Top 10 Fintech Countries and breakdown the stats to support their ranking. 

Fintech Magazine takes a look at the Top 10 Fintech Countries and breakdown the stats to support their ranking. 

With the finance world pushing more and more for digital transformation, it will be interesting to see how these rankings change over the next 12 months. 

  • Can the growth in the German financial tech scene push them into the Top 10? 
  • Will the tech-based arena in Israel propel them into the list?
  • Can India, with its Unicorns and rapidly expanding FIntech’s force their way into next year’s big 10? 

Data sourced from Findexable. 

10: Estonia...
  • Strengths: Digital Payments - Personal Finance - Alternative Lending

  • Population: 1.3 million

  • No of Fintech Cities Ranked in Top 100: 1

  • Local FinTech Leaders: Fortuma - Veriff

  • Fintech Investments: -

  • Wifi Speed: #3

09: Canada

Canada ranks 8th out of 130 countries and territories in the 2016 FM Global Resilience Index, for its resilience to supply chain disruption – one of the leading causes of business volatility.

Of the three core supply chain resilience factors underpinning the Index – economic, risk quality and supply chain, Canada’s strongest factor is risk quality, where the country ranks 2nd in the world. This strength is driven by below average exposure to natural hazards and above average quality of fire risk management. Canada also ranks strongly on economic factors where it places 19th in the world, and supply chain factors where it places 21st.  Like the U.S., Canada’s overall results are pulled down by its vulnerability to an oil shock given the country’s high oil consumption relative to its GDP, which places the country 77th worldwide.

08: Australia

Australia returns to the top 10 after a year’s absence, and scores in the top 10 countries in the world with respect to both the economic and risk quality factors. In a similar profile to Norway, Australia scores well as regards to both its economic productivity (ranked 9) and in its control of corruption (ranked 10). 

07: Sweden

Mean download speed: 40.16Mbps

Time to download a HD movie: 25 minutes 30 seconds

Number of distinct IPs: 28,947

06: Netherlands

Mean download speed: 33.52Mbps

Time to download a HD movie: 30 minutes 33 seconds

Number of distinct IPs: 65,527

05: Switzerland

Mean download speed: 26.93Mbps

Time to download a HD movie: 38 minutes 01 seconds

Number of distinct IPs: 17,085

04: Lithuania...
  • Strengths: Payments - Lending - Banking

  • Population: 2.8 million

  • No of Fintech Cities Ranked in Top 100: 1

  • Local FinTech Leaders: Stockinvest us - Coingate - NEO Finance

  • Fintech Investments: -

  • Wifi Speed: #1

03: Singapore

Singapore is one of the frontrunners gaining smart city status through the implementation of its Smart Nation Program. The use of smart sensors embedded throughout the city record essential data, linking sustainability efforts within energy, electricity, water and waste management. The city’s Gardens by the Bay spectacle also highlights its efforts to utilise renewable energy sources.

Development within transportation networks has resulted in reduced delays on public transport. The number of drivers on the road will also reduce further through the release of an Electronic Road Pricing system which will charge users an increased fee to drive within peak hours. The development of cycling routes is also underway, such as the 150km Round Island Cycle Route (RIR), connecting the entire city with Gardens by the Bay.

02: UK...
  • Strengths: Challenger Banks - Personal Finance & Wealth - Lending - Blockchain

  • Population: 67.5 million

  • No of Fintech Cities Ranked in Top 100: 3

  • Local FinTech Leaders: TransferWise (val: $3.5bn) - Greensil ($3.5bn) - BGL Group ($3bn)

  • Fintech Investments: $2.29bn 

  • Wifi Speed: #6

01: USA...
  • Strengths: Payments - B2B Fintech - Security

  • Population: 329 million

  • No of Fintech Cities Ranked in Top 100: 22

  • Local FinTech Leaders: Stripe (val $22.5bn) - Coinbase ($8bn) - Robinhood ($5.6bn)

  • Fintech Investments: $9.4bn (H1 2019)

  • Wifi Speed: #20



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