Dr. Iain Rolfe: Leading the Charge in ANZ
Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand

Iain Rolfe has served as the country managing director for C2FO’s Australia and New Zealand operations for almost two years. Prior to joining the company in May 2019, he worked at US tech firm Cisco Systems for 13 years, in addition to previous stints at Orange Business Services and Global One Communications. 

Reflecting on his experiences at Cisco, Rolfe notes that the role was instrumental in preparing him to take on C2FO’s ANZ expansion. “At Cisco, I worked in a number of roles focused on taking leading-edge technology and building it into a customer solution, making sure the customer was happy, dealing with problems, repackaging that technology and then presenting it to other customers,” he recalls. “That process is directly relevant to what I’m doing at C2FO, which is packaging solutions for our customer base. A lot of the lessons learned transfer directly over from technology to fintech.” 

In fintech, as with technology in a broader sense, Rolfe notes that the technology itself is “kind of the easy part. The real trick in a big organisation like Cisco is not so much the individual products. Those are already built and ready for you to use. It’s more about trying to understand the customer’s needs, then picking the products that are best for that customer and putting them into a package,” he explains. The process of taking knowledge transference, behavioural change, process automation and service level agreements, and bundling them together in a package for a customer is the real differentiator. 

Rolfe admits that, prior to discovering C2FO, he had no plans to leave Cisco. “As I went through the process of assessing C2FO and what they were doing in the market, it became apparent that they were doing something special and unique from a position where they could create real change for their customers and suppliers. In the end, it was an easy decision.”  

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Dr. Iain Rolfe: Leading the Charge in ANZ
Dr. Iain Rolfe: Leading the Charge in ANZ
Dr. Iain Rolfe: Leading the Charge in ANZ
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Iain Rolfe
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Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, C2FO

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