A board-level professional and a leading name in the investment banking & technology industries with over 25 years of senior experience, Boyland leads CPQi with a strong sense of integrity and justice. Committed to driving banking forward, he and his team embrace digital transformation in all its forms to deliver a secure and efficient customer experience.

Boyland spent several years with JP Morgan, where his successful stewarding of new technologies helped the company develop its offshoring services in India. “When I left, I wanted to set up a firm offering services that I knew the likes of JP Morgan could use,” he recalls. “I aim to find people who are better than I am at the things we need to achieve. It's a job at the top of the house for me to set the framework, to provide the funding, to facilitate the strategy debates, and then to provide the coaching and mentoring that's necessary for people to be highly successful in their roles.”

Geographically divided between north and Latin America, Boyland believes in giving people the latitude to succeed. “Each of our territory CEOs is responsible for producing their own profit and loss within the guidelines set by the board. It's a very empowering environment that's changed greatly during the pandemic with a move to more virtual work that's required a more hands-on approach with regular meetings and focused communication. We share news about what's going on in the world and reach out regularly to our teams to make sure people are comfortable, particularly with their mental health right now.”

Boyland credits his time with industry leaders like JP Morgan with both developing an appreciation of the disciplines that are required in production support and the leadership needed to steer several levels of an organisation. “John Quirk at JP Morgan really helped me to understand how to build the right sort of relationships inside an organisation and to ensure that we're able to get the very best out of the people that work for us. It’s helped me become a much more rounded individual, far more focused on getting people to deliver their best than simply on pure execution.”

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